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 World-building by visual artists
I'll admit I'm of two minds about adding more non-member art to the setting.

On the one hand there is some very cool stuff out there on DA (and probably other places). OTOH OA has always been really focused on member generated content, including artwork. Moving away from that could detract from the project ethos.

If we start looking at commissioned or other non-member artwork, I think we should give some thought to how much we should have on the site and where it is displayed.

My 2c worth,

Regarding commissioned art, what are the rules for getting OA art made from an "outsider"? What goes into notification of copyright, intellectual property ownership, etc.?

Also, if you want to use professional- quality work, like that comission by alex ries, or anything by nemo ramjet, remember that contrary to this 'we'll give you exposure' and "free art/images everywhere!" culture that the internet created, they're usually worth a good bit of money. Alex ries said (US)$50 for that xeno monkey image to use on the OA site. Actual comissions by good artists are technically worth $150 minimum-$700 to bring into the world. OA hasn't had a policy of buying artwork though, in the past.

Joshua Knuppe's illustrations and reconstructions are excellent!!

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