Short Fiction Contest Results
Eye in the sky
Image from Bernd Helfert

And the Winners Are..

After counting all the votes and checking them twice, the Orion’s Arm Universe Project is proud to announce the winners of the Short Fiction Contest. The winning entries consist of four original works created especially for this collection and a selection of past works voted by the membership as best representing the Orion’s Arm Universe. In no particular order:

Ghostkill – Steve Bowers

Midwinter – Stephen Inniss

New Home – Ron Bennett

The Immortalist – Darren Ryding

The Passenger – Anders Sandberg

Severing – Josephine Goodman

Festival Season – Michael Capriola

Chaos Under Heaven – Xaonon

Bunny Love Has No Limits – Daniel Boese

In the Hall of the Flesh Sculptors – David Jackson

Homecoming – Skitter

The Fabulist – Todd Drashner

Posh Girls – M. Alan Kazlev

Congratulations to all our authors! We will be contacting you in the near future regarding contracts, author bios, and other related matters. On a more general note, the OAUP will also be working to set up the structure of the new book, creating introductory and back cover text, and considering possible titles for the collection. For this last we will probably be reaching out to the membership for ideas, so please get your thinking caps on now if you’re interested in participating.

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