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The Orion's Arm Universe in Celestia Page III

Celestia OA
Image from Steve Bowers
To explore the universe of Orion's Arm first download the free programs and addons on these pages Orion's Arm Addons Page 1 and Orion's Arm Addons Page 2.
Here are some more worlds which can be explored in the OA Universe via the Celestia package.


Polaris starlifting
Image from Steve Bowers
The star-lifting array around Polaris extracts mass from this brillant star and ejects it from the polar regions for export.
Simply download Polaris.zip into your extras file in Celestia,

then visit this Cel.URL:- Polaris


Image from Steve Bowers
A planet with five moons, mostly inhabited by Dog provolves
Simply download Rufus Zip into your extras file in Celestia,

and visit HD 114853 to find Rufus and its five moons,
or visit this CelestiaURL:- Rufus Moons

Image from Steve Bowers
NeoOrinoco, one of the computronium covered artificial planets built by Ako Forward Chaining, now home to citizens of the Cyberian Network. The white dwarf companion, Procyon B, can be seen in the background.
Simply download Procyon.zip into your extras file in Celestia,

and visit Procyon A to find the seven artificial planets built by Ako Forward Chaining, or visit this CelestiaURL:-NeoMadeira.


Image from Steve Bowers
This postgaian world has a carbon-rich crust, extensive limestone karst landscapes and cave systems
Simply download Cenote.Zip into your extras file in Celestia, (note: this will replace some pre-existing files in the OA Addons file if you already have downloaded other Orion's Arm addons).

You can then visit YTS 233-091-0998 to find Cenote.
Or you can visit this CelestiaURL: Cenote
Bonus planets If you have downloaded the other OA Addons packages on the previous pages you can now visit some new planets in systems nearby to Cenote. You can find these stars using the Nearby Stars function in Celestia, or by visiting these CEL:urls.
Sequence (an eujovian in the Cenote system)
YTS 233-091-0997 b (a ringed eujovian world)
YTS 233-091-0997 c (an areanxeric world)
YTS 233-091-0997 d (an areanxeric world)
YTS 233-091-0102 b (a eujovian world)
YTS 233-091-0102 c (a cryojovian world)
YTS 233-091-0991 b (an epistellarjovian world)
YTS 233-091-0991 c (a hydrojovian world)
YTS 233-091-0992 b (a pyrothallassic world)
YTS 233-091-0992 c (a ymirian world)
YTS 233-091-0101 c (an arean type world)

Note that most of these planets are currently un-named and uncolonised; feel free to name and colonise them or their moons

Jenkins dyson swarm

Jenkins Swarm
Image from Steve Bowers
A stable, torus shaped swarm located around Polaris
Jenkins Swarm

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