Orion's Arm Downloadable Files
Celestia OA
Image from Steve Bowers
Orion's Arm Addons in Celestia page One

Orion's Arm Addons in Celestia page Two

Orion's Arm Addons in Celestia page Three

Orion's Arm Addons in Celestia page Four

Orion's Arm Animation Clips

Orion's Arm Music

OA Fonts for PC

OA Fonts for MAC

Academic Coronese Alphabet

OA Logos (vector)

OA Logo (png)

OA Logo with website (png)

Vector Logos of 11/16 of the Sephirotic Empires (2 pages) (Sophic League, Technorapture Hypernation, Terran Foundation, Cyberian Network, Caretaker Gods, Solar Dominion, Keter, Negentropy Alliance, Communion of Worlds, Utopia Sphere, Zoerific Biopolity)

To'ul'h 3d model view
Image from Taf Media Studio

To'ul'h 3D model and base for 3d printing or modeling scenes

STL file: To'ul'h 3D model (29.2MB)

STL file: 3D model base (739KB)

Recommended Stereolithography (SLA) or possibly selective laser sintering (SLS) for small 4-4 or 5x5cm models, or slightly larger. For the more common fused deposition modeling (FDM) printers, this model should probably be printed at something closer to 10x10cm