Fiction Writing Links and Resources
Links and resources recommended by our members to help with writing fiction, whether in OA or in general. If you have a favorite writing resource (online or otherwise) that you would like to recommend for addition to this page, please let us know, either via our Contact Us page or by joining the OA Nexus discussion forum.

YouTube Channels

Just Write

Lessons from the Screenplay

Tyler Mowery

iWriterly with Megan Latorre

Novel Writing Advise with Ellen Brock



How To Do A Plot Twist - Knives Out - The Closer Look

On Writing: First Person! Twilight | Handmaid's Tale | Edith Finch - Hello Future Me

Events aren't story: Where Writers Go Wrong With Story - Mark W. Travis

How to Build Story Momentum - Tyler Mowery

How to Write a Great Ending - Tyler Mowery

Common Mistakes Writers Make and How to Solve Them — Act One - Tyler Mowery

Common Mistakes Writers Make and How to Solve Them — Act Two - Tyler Mowery

How to Write a Scene - Tyler Mowery

A Bad Scene Vs an Artistic Choice - Tyler Mowery

How I Wrote Fight Club (ft. Chuck) - Behind the Curtain

Aliens vs. Terminator 2 — How to Sequel like James Cameron - Lessons from the Screenplay

Western vs. Eastern Storytelling: What's the Difference? - Literature Devil - YouTube video


The Writer's Room - Tyler Mowery


Directing Feature Films: The Creative Collaborarion Between Director, Writers, and Actors - Mark Travis

On Writing - Stephen King

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life - Anne Lamott