Movies and clips from Orion's Arm

Movies from Orions Arm

Some moving images of the Orion Arm Civilisation

A Shipwreck on Kragliath

This mysterious abandoned colony ship was discovered on Kragliath by the Megasiber pioneers. The wreck is more than a kilometre long.

Some wormholes from the Wormhole Gazetteer
Addon for Celestia by Selden Ball Available here

The Archosaurian Imperial Fleet
(Darren Ryding)

And here is the Milton (the Collector Ship commanded by Kryslek and Skalosak) on its way to Avernus, home of the Queen of Pain.

(Darren Ryding)

Cylinder World
(Darren Ryding)

Facing the Magistrate

(Darren Ryding)

An illustrated backstory for the Orion's Arm Universe

Video created by Arik
Images by
Anders Sandberg
Chris Shaeffer
Matt Johnson
Bernd Helfert
Darren Ryding
Juan Ochoa
Phil B
Steve Bowers
Keith Wigdor


Ceres, minor planet in the Old Solar System
(Steve Bowers)


Betelgeuse, a giant red star in the Orion vector
More information here
(Steve Bowers)


Here's Skalosak the Siberoo and her joeycub Rantreleka.
(Darren Ryding)


New footage of the giant world-brain Urchinstar. The living structure is so vast that it has a moon lodged in its spikes.
(Darren Ryding)

Orion's Arm Animated Logo

Orion's Arm Animated Logo
(Darren Ryding)


Hoopworld, an artificial, self-gravitating torus in the MPA
(Steve Bowers)