Argelander Catherdral
Image from Steve Bowers
Landing Place Cathedral on Argelander
The place where the first colonists landed on the planet Argelander is marked with a magnificent Byzantine cathedral, including a stone replica of the landing ship itself


StarJD 344111-890 (TYC 8579-870-1)
Right ascension08h22m10.99s
Declination-58 34'08.6
Luminosity0.26 x Sol
Distance from Sol219 ly
TypeLifeless Paludial Gaian, now terraformed
Semimajor axis0.5 AU
Period0.42 standard years
Colonised2190 AT
Paludial subtype
Image from Steve Bowers
Argelander was a lifeless Paludial subtype world when discovered, but it has since been terraformed
Argelander is an important NoCoZo system, 220 light years from Sol, in the innermost part of the Middle Regions. The shipyards of Argelander are famous, and a nanoscale-accurate replica of the ancient starship Starlark is a popular tourist attraction.

In 2870 Vaneld Stellar Engineering AG launched a long range mission to Gamma-2 Velorum (Regor) which arrived shortly before that star went supernova.

The strange Christian sect that worships Jesus the Borg was founded here in 3008.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev and Steve Bowers
Initially published on 07 October 2001.