Bright yellow giant star, home to many megastructures and cultures

Daleth Orbital
Image from Steve Bowers
Daleth Orbital, home to billions of nearbaseline humans, posthumans and the Daleth Ringmind

Sadalmelik - Data Panel

Primary:Alpha Aquarii
Star:Type G0 (temporarily) stable yellow giant,
Luminosity 3000 x Sol
Sadalmelik is one of three coeval yellow giants, now widely separated. The other two are Sadalsuud and Enif- all have been artificially stabilised since the Enif superflare incident in 6909.
Region:Mutual Progress Association Middle Regions, 720 ly from Sol
Planets:Asterix 8 AU Cinderworld: underground Thermophile tweak colony co-orbiting with extensive amat farms - almost no volatiles remain on this world
Obelix 12 AU Cinderworld: Thermophile and aioid colonies housed in surface domes- only traces of volatiles remain on this world
Smaller Bodies: from 20AU to 100AU orbit: 2X10^4 planetoids and asteroids - many converted to O'Neill, Stanford, or Bernal habitats
Volatile rich KBOs commence at 80 AU
AI Overseers:Karoo - 5 Bishop Rings inhabited by the Burning Hunger faction of rianths - the microwormhole connections as each ring is separated by 40 AU.
Daleth Overseer - The Daleth Ringmind, on the Daleth Banks Orbital
Polity:Name: Sadelmelic Alliance
Symbol: five linked rings inside a larger ring
Affiliation: Mutual Progress Association.
Colonized: 4101
Megastructures 5 Bishop rings, one Banks Orbital in 70AU orbit
Burning Hunger faction (5 x 2000km Bishop Rings) - a reconstruction of the Central African Biome, Earth, approximately 3000 b.c.e.
Daleth Orbital (14,000,000 km diameter Banks Orbital) - giant orbital structure rotating once per 'day', with extensive agriculture (growing both food and biotech products), large areas of wilderness, and many hi-tech conurbations with pendant substructures outside the Ring.
Image from Steve Bowers
Karoo Bishop Ring

Psyche, Art, Culture:Metapsychology: Burning Hunger faction: Rianthed humans, both herbivorous and carnivorous (More information here).
Daleth: Augmented nearbaseline humans and posthumans live in cybercities consisting of a diverse array of sophont structures, and in intelligent homes in the wilderness areas. Some cities form hive minds to various degrees, while others are individualist and materialist free zones Many inhabitants of this ring engage in recreational agriculture growing food or biotech commodities.
Metaethics: The rianths on the Burning Hunger habitats are connected to life retrieval technology. This means that they are capable of interacting as predator and prey; rianths who become prey can be reincarnated with relative ease. However some individuals who follow the Animist faiths prefer to die completely when the time comes.

On Daleth the NeoEdenists, a faction of symaiotes who adhere to a faith imported indirectly from Eden in the Inner Sphere are increasingly influental and strongly evangelistic, but the Orbital AI node maintains a laissez-faire attitude to culture change.

The Daleth Ringmind appears to be much more concerned with safety and security issues since the sabotage of the original ring in 7311 (see Bluesky Bio).
Ideology:Burning Hunger:
Universal Splice and Provolve Church, Animism
Zarathrustanism , NeoEdenism,
MPA Materialism , Omegism (open and closed)
Asteroid Habitats:
MPA Materialism,
Zoeticism, Undyoism, Islam, Universal Church Abundance Anarchism, Kja Observance
Culture and Art:Burning Hunger Rianth culture occurs mostly via the local and Known Net - Despite their atavistic lifestyle, some herbivorous andcarnivorous clades are intellectually involved in the Terragen Noosphere, while others are abandoning language altogether. Extreme tourism, hunting (both as predator and prey) and voluntary termination are commonplace on these rings.

Daleth culture is polarised between posthuman individualists ranging from turingrade to S:1, and the networked cyberpolities, with the most positive product being competition in the virtual and concrete arts, particularly architecture.

Asteroid Habitat culture is cosmopolitan, with each habitat widely spaced (Average distance to neighbour 10 AU)- As well as MPA sponsored independent microworlds, some NoCoZo-(ex Penglai or Terranovan), Nanloon, Terragen Federation, Sophic League, the Stellar Umma, and Ula(f) habitats have been established.

Close to the star a number of relativistic stopover stations have been established, including some Spacefarer Union supply depots and a few Version Tree waystations
Territory and PopulationPopulation: Bishop rings: 500 million Rianth (many billions of natural or lazurogened baseline mammals)

Daleth Orbital: 6 Billion individualist posthumans, 12 Billion partially or totally collective posthumans, 5 billion nearbaseline humans, 4 billion aioids,
15 billion virtual sophonts.

Asteroid habitats: 20 billion near baseline and mild heteromorphs, 15 billion tweak and moderate to strong heteromorphs, 5 billion splice, 2 billion provolve, 2 billion vec
Immigration:Inward: 10 million per year from Inner Sphere
Outward: 200 million per annum to Sagittarius and Aquila expansion directions
Government and Administration:Government Type: The Banks Orbital and the Bishop Rings are subject to oversight by responsible AI powers. Otherwise local political structures range from prides, herds and packs to unityware mindmelding concert on Daleth. Asteroid habitats are all free zones, although nanoimmune defence systems can be provided by subscription

National holidays: Arrival Day, Bluesky Copyday, Orbital Memorial Destruction Day, others

Constitution: Conforms to Universal Declaration of Sophont Rights.

Legal system: Local legal systems (overseen by responsible AI Powers)
Economics, Local Infrastructure:Currency: Erg, Joule, Solar credit, Turing credit (processing equivalent credit)

Major Industries: Amat production (supplies relativistic stopovers for hundreds of cubic ly) posthuman Art, sentient programs, tourism especially from NoCoZo homicideophiles

Angelnetting: On the ring habitats, angelnet coverage is ubiquitous but rarely intrusive
Savanna Dawn (To Djed)
Pumba (To Sadalsuud)
Don't Ask Me I Only Work Here (to Eden II)

Major Spaceports: Daleth Hub, Obelix Amat Combine

Hazard Rating: Burning Hunger 1.5 with due precautions
Daleth 0.5 (beware evangelical unification)

Visa Restrictions: Limited duration to Hunger Rings for Provolves at present

Freedom of Movement: Caution advised near Laylaron and Metasoft Habitats and near Unity City, Daleth

Environmental Requirements: Obligatory Heat shielding/Neutrino cooling near central region

Sites of Interest: New Serengeti, Soda Lake, Azania plains, Emerald City (Daleth), Ur of the Cyborgs (Daleth), Nanloon guest biohabitats

Tiger Splices
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