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Primary:YTS 728 125 609 (Tabridgen)
StellarType: K4
Region:2870 ly from Sol, Byran Plexus, rimward of the Orion Federation, 180 ly from M50
Planets:None surviving. Several rockballs and a microjovian were disassembled to make habitats, megastructures, and wormholes.
AI and PolitiesRuling AI: the largest polities (St Hieden and Ucerthaga) each have a single Second Toposophic Transapient. The smaller ones have either an SI:1 hyperturing, a posthuman, or are unregulated.

Affiliation: System is Orion Federation, however individual polities and habs may be Orion Federation, NoCoZo, Negentropy Alliance, Sophic League, Metasoft, Emple Dokcetic, other, or non-aligned.
Of the largest polities, each built around a large-gauge stargate, St Hieden is Orion Federation, Ucerthaga is Emple Dokcetic. The third large stargate is surrounded by a cluster of small megastructures representing 25 polities.

Founded: 6859 (neumann colony that later became St Hieden)
Population:about 30 billion (precise figures not known), scattered among several hundred small megastructures and tens of millions of habitats (some with populations of only a dozen or less)

Includes all clades and categories of sophonts.
Economics, Local InfrastructureCurrency: : Local currencies, Orion Credit, Empledokcetic Monetary Unit, all sephirotic monies accepted

Major Industries: Trade and Commerce, Banking

Angelnetting: Partial in Ucerthaga
New Worlds For Old - to Long Reach (5000m) (Orion Federation)
Modular Way - to QipeFika (5000m) (Empledokcetic)
Other Side of the Hill - to Byran (500m) (non-aligned)

also 12 smaller (100 meter) stargates to various sephirotic, non-aligned, and outer volume worlds

Major Spaceports: Briv-1 through to 4 (St Hieden)
Okuway (Ucerthaga)

Hazard rating: 0.5 to 4.6 (depends on polity, all large polities are between 0.5 to 1.2)

Visa Restrictions: minimal or none (main polities)


Tabridgen was settled by Orion Federation trader and exploration neumanns in 6859. The strategic value of the system - at the junction of the Sophic and Version Tree empires, and the vast periphery - was quickly realised. The system only had a few small planets, and these were disassembled to make megastructures and wormholes. There was however a large oort cloud and kuiper belt, which were perfect for small habitats, especially for those who wished to remain isolationist, or were seeking to make a fresh start or hide from the authorities, and the system inevitably acquired a romantic wild frontier reputation, especially among the Orionist and NoCoZo popular sapient media. Over the centuries, Version Tree habitats and several NoCoZo supermall outposts were also established, as were a few small Sophic monasteries.

Thanks to the connection to the Nexus, Tabridgen was warned of the result of Verifex's catastrophic experiment, and with Empledokcetic help and investment all of the larger habitats and megastructures were hardened and survived the radiation blast. However, the many millions of smaller, poorer, or more remote habitats (including hiders, comet-riders, haloists, and others) were not able to be augmented, and their inhabitants had to flee, or in many cases stubbornly chose to remain, thinking the whole thing was just another Sephirotic plot. The habitats were sterilised, and many of those that stayed were killed in the blast.

Some of these blasted habitats later appeared cheaply on the market, especially those in which the owners had refused to leave and their were no next of kin. Many opportunists flooded the system, buying up cheap habitats and selling them at inflated prices, or giving shoddy re-biosphere schemes for those whose habs had been sterilised. Although the authorities cracked down and arrested, re-educated, and relocated the main offenders, the sprawling system with its vast halo of habs was impossible to police. A number of criminal and other disreputable elements moved in, using loopholes in local laws, or declaring autonomy or sovereignty, to maintain a base of operations, and a flourishing black and grey market developed. The amount of revenue and trade generated was huge, and eventually the authorities turned a blind eye to these activities, as long as they did not impinge on the larger and regulated polities. Every so often, the police or military or space guard of one or another polity will conduct a raid and reel in a few criminals, smugglers, or black-marketeers, confiscate proscribed nano or software templates, and re-educate or neuromodify the offenders to make them productive citizens. Despite its glamorous and sensationalist reputation however, for most of the habs and polities, and all of the large ones, life in Tabridgen is no different to any other provincial center of the Civilized Galaxy.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 01 June 2005.