Disarchy/Premacy Compact, 6690

Ships Docking (Premacy and Disarchy)
Image from Juan Ochoa
Even docking the Premacy ship with the Disarchy station caused logistical problems, as the two cultures had completely different airlock standards after four thousand years of separate development

Following the emergence of a memetic blight near the former planetary nebula IC 4406, several Disarchy region AI avatars met with relativist Omeg Premacy representatives on their Conversion Drive ship The Great Gloit. The eccentric Dissembler Premacy clade also was represented, but even the Disarchy radicals were unable to decode the complicated web of obfuscation that Dissemblers use in discourse.

Two hundred years before, the Retina Beholders, a homorph neogen clade, had invited HegRT, a hyperturing madvertising agent, to accompany them to the new colony at GD 00053564, a KO star system 1,600 ly from Sol in Lupus. This system is located between the Disarchy and NoCoZo volumes, both prime markets for madvert campaigns.

Using the Beholders as a market research tool HegRT successfully promoted a range of products and services using advanced psychomemetic provocation, but found that the well designed utilitarian hedonist Beholders had few unfulfilled needs once the colony solar power and assembler tech were operating efficiently.

HegRT designed a viral madvert that created a compulsion to desire with no specific object other than the desire itself. This would potentially have been a very powerful marketing tool, and the results were encouraging at first as all HegRT's research campaigns began to show sales improvement. Due to it's broad scope the madvert unfortunately mutated and the Beholders found themselves desiring random concepts, such as roundness, and height, and contrition.

As the attainment of these desires was fairly easy, the Beholders became even more fulfilled, and finally HegRT was infected too, the increasingly bizarre results disturbing the nearby Disarchy so much that they invited the Premacy into a Defence compact. Whole moons were being converted into Conversion Drive Dreadnought warships, when volunteers from the Dissembler faction entered the Retina Nebula and disrupted the course of the epidemic with their own conditioned cynicism.

Research by the now rehabilitated HegRT has shown that the unusual cultural conditioning of the Dissembler Premacy (involving cynicism and habitual untruth), was in fact a sophisticated anti-marketing defence system introduced by the Genen Hyperturing Biobrains thousands of years before, as a defence against stealthy advertising swarms.

The Premacy -Disarchy meeting
Image from Juan Ochoa

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 16 September 2002.