Perseus Princes
Perseus Princes
Image from Steve Bowers

The Perseus Princes are a new emerging archailect empire in the Perseus Arm, named so after the ruling collective of S4 and S5 minds. They include sentients of all major clades, several transapients, and large populations of the Muuh and the Soft Ones. Particularly powerful is the Archailect Prince Vatsceh, an S5 entity that appears to have entered into an alliance with the Muuh System of Response since the events of the Epp War. Since then, Vatsceh appears to be creating a true hybrid civilisation involving the ancient Muuh, the Soft Ones, and the Terragens. In the Current Era, three new S5 archai have emerged in the Perseus Rift and joined the ranks of the Princes. This suggests that, if current growth rates are maintained, one day the Princes may become comparable to a Sephirotic Empire in power and influence.

The Princes have good relations with their Terragen neighbors the Solar Dominion and the Metasoft Version Tree. They also take a very active part in the Perseus Arm Defence Organisation in its defence against, and containment of, the Amalgamation.

They have very good relations with the Muuh, and generally good relations with the Soft Ones, though the latter are somewhat more unpredictable. They also have an accommodation with the Panvirtuality, who have colonised a number of large stars in the Perseus Arm.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 02 September 2002.

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