Efficiency Maximization Paradigm

Powerful aggressively missionary and expansionist nanotech upload empire based on radical implementation of Precepts of Negentropy, currently located behind the borders set by the Jekaumeatrine Accords

Fractal Ship
Image from Anders Sandberg
Fractal conversion-drive ship of unidentified origin observed near the Keyhole Nebula in 10242 AT by Linelayer 3 of the Fellowship of Carina. The form is noticeable similar to the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm biosphere upgrader ships, involving reconfigurable smart matter bulk that can detach into fighters or infiltration devices. Estimated length 1455 meters.

The Efficiency Maximization Paradigm - Data Panel

DefinitionRogue nanotech upload empire
SymbolA simple shiny black sphere; the most energy efficient form, representing a perfect dyson sphere.
EMP emblem
Image from Andrew P.
FoundedBefore 5285 AT (early Fragmentation era)
Psyche, Art, CultureMetapsychology: Holistic fractal communications networked consciousness based on superbright or posthuman processing power. It should be noted that the Paradigm members have a vastly different psychology than the optimized population, heavily augmented and likely memetically consolidated. The lack of any defectors has been interpreted as evidence for memetic coercion or extreme consolidation into networked intelligences. The dominant architectonic feature is the NanoFractal Seedship.

Religion/Ideology: Heterodox Negentropism, based on a complex corpus of material, including the widely distributed Principles of Efficiency Maximization by the so-called the Efficiency Maximization Group, the Commentaries of First Avatar vPuthr, and the Manifesto of Negentropic Optimisation by the Paradigm Council, together with the Gloss of the Belo Horizonte Coordinator Five Associates. There are also a number of simplified interactives and hypermedias used by missionaries and adjusted to nearbaseline intelligence standard, and near-Super Intelligence Standard. Paradigm thought seems to be derived originally from neoYarrMakist ideas, especially Eujoulism.

Culture and Art: Highly stylised, with subtle nuances and references to Negentropist, Eujoulist, and Paradigm ideology, history, and eschatology. Despite the dense layers of explanatory modules, it remains incomprehensible to any sapient below of superbright intelligence.

Language: Paradigm Code (derived from the Morpheo superbright cyborg language; part of the NoCoZo digital language family)
Territory and PopulationCurrent Territory: A 250 ly sphere with a centre at NGC 5460

Important Natural Objects (strars and nebulae): Open cluster NGC 5460

Capital: Thermal Virtopia Dyson Sphere - Morpheo system

Representative Systems: Budrosa Dyson, Guangcaishiye, Nirio, and Melanthios Belt

Current Core Population: No more than 170 million (excluding copies).

Core Population Breakdown: 74% nanocyborg superbright; 21% aioid; 3% full posthuman; 2% other

'Optimized' Population: 4.2 trillion

'Optimized' Population Breakdown: 100% virtual (from an original mix of biont, cyborg, vec, and aioid)
Government and AdministrationGovernment: Participatory democracy and hierarchical consensus among the nanocyborg superbrights, posthumans, and aioids. The uploaded virtuals have no say in government (and with a few exceptions are not even aware of the Paradigm or of their condition).

Administrative Divisions: The ruling superbrights are distributed through the Paradigm's nanotech hardware and throughout Paradigm territory, administering and regulating the function of the virtual worlds. A single superbright may command an entire fractal ship with a full complement of drones and bots, or use subroutines to regulate the behind the scenes working of a digital world inhabited by millions of unsuspecting virtuals. It is believed that there is some recruitment into the Paradigm from the optimized population, possibly based on compatibility of values and competence. Most likely this occurs after the 'death' of the individual in the original virtuality.

National Holidays: None; left to indigenous virtuals.

Constitution: The Manifesto of Negentropic Optimisation by the Paradigm Council, while not a true federal document, nevertheless seems to be the closest thing the Paradigm has to a Constitution and principles of executive government.

Legal System: Paradigm Law is based on the ideal of providing maximal happiness to the uploaded virtuals. It is not accepted as valid by any other empire. The exact nature of the Paradigm administration and leadership system remains uncertain, as the isolationist and obscurantist tendencies has increased. Negentropist legal codes are not unlikely.
Economics and InfrastructureCurrency: Both hard computronium and partitioned computing power and processing sharing are believed to be used.

Major Industries: Megascale engineering; computronium manufacture; solidstate infrastructure and upgrading; planetary, asteroid and comet mining; nanotech industry and assembling; transapientech research; antimatter production; firmware and fractalware artilectronics; reality simalcrum maintenance.

Dyson Spheres: Thermal Virtopia, Budrosa Dyson (energy production). Melanthios Belt is still unfinished. Most systems have partial dyson spheres.

Major Stargate Nexi: None

Military Expenditures: Percent of GDP - 8.5%
Trade and Treaty RelationsImports: Commodities: Virtual reality, virtuality standards, computronium, smart matter, nanoreplicators, nanofactured goods. Partners: Cyberian Network 51%, Keter 34%, Negentropy Alliance 2%, Non-Coercive Zone 1%, other 12%.

Exports: Commodities: exotic matter, amat, memetic templates, ISO parts, transapientech products and modules, cultural databases, information management software, neutrino coolers. Partners: Cyberian Network 45%, Keter 38%, Negentropy Alliance 2%, Non-Coercive Zone 8%, other 8%.

Treaty Participation: Jekaumeatrine Accords Signatory, Rata Information Exchange Accords, allowing some limited information and virtual exchange.

Interstellar Disputes: Utopia Sphere claims ownership of Nirio and a number of other worlds and demands their return before normalisation of relationships; NoCoZo assertion that the Paradigm has pushed its borders beyond Accord Plane 44.

The Efficiency Maximization Paradigm emerged during the early Fragmentation period (post-ComEmp) as a radical implementation of the Precepts of Negentropy. Its origins are obscure, as many of the original records have been deliberately obscured or hacked by Paradigm memeticists and obscionists, making it difficult to separate fact from Paradigm mythologising.

The currently favoured hypothesis (which has a 92% possibility of historical validity) has the Paradigm developing among the Heinlim Intercessor clade of cyborg superbrights on Habitat Ashton in geostationary orbit around the poorly terraformed world of Paz (Morpheo A II named Paz, not to be confused with the Inner Sphere CultureWorld of the same name, was settled by an anti-Gabriaelist breakaway faction of the Universalist Church, called The True Universal Church, founded by Broderik Paz), as a sort of extreme YarrMakist meme. It is known that under Yarr Mak Po 4+ of Garlin (near Lynga 7) and hir school of heterodox Negentropism, creatively original interpretations of the Axioms were formulated, justified as part of the so-called "Bulwark against Ultimate Heatdeath". The YarrMakist school was especially popular among some Negentropist worlds in the rim-ward Crucis Corridor region during the ComEmp period, although the more extreme and bizarre forms of YarrMakism during the early Fragmentation age (especially the so-called Eujoulist, Gnoseojoulist, Full Orgonist, and Thermomegist Schools) forced the 7000 ruling on the inadequacy of the Bulwark as guidance-canon. And while all forms of YarrMakism advocated the protection and preservation of biotic life, it was a remarkably small step from neoYarrMakist Eujoulism to the "virtualist" Eujoulism of the Paradigm.

It would be unfair to blame YarrMakism entirely for the rise of the Paradigm. Of the thousands of inhabited worlds and biospheres along the Negentropist-NoCoZo-Utopia-NoCoNeg frontier where YarrMakist ideas spread, flourished, and diversified during the later Commonwealth of Empires period, only on Habitat Asmof and the Heinlim Intercessor minority on Paz did such an extreme interpretation develop. A great deal of this can be explained in terms of historical and sociological factors. The Morpheo System (a relatively resource rich yellow dwarf - brown dwarf pair (Morpheo A + B) with several frozen outer gas giants, a number of inhospitable rocky cores, and an extensive asteroid belt) had been a flourishing, wealthy complex of habitats, orbital clusters, biospheres, and planetary domes (the original terraforming attempt had been somewhat disastrous, and follow-ups were not much better) during the late Age of Consolidation and throughout the Integration, was nominally part of the Negentropy Alliance. During the Version War the system had been occupied by successive Standardization and Revisionist forces. The NoCoZo mercenary armies had done a particularly ruthless job of stripping the system of anything of value that could be carried off (much to the disgust of the Standardizationist Clade Borup who were seeking to make a sustainable profit form the system), and when the Negentropist Twelfth Fleet was certain to recapture the system had detonated the local stargate plexus, causing huge insystem casualties.

During the ComEmp period the system infrastructure was gradually rebuilt, but the system was no longer prosperous enough to justify a wormhole link. The superbright minority, who although of Negentropist persuasion had strong standardisation sympathies and thus escaped the brunt of the oppression during the NoCoZo Occupation period, as well as during the scorched earth retreat of the standardisation forces (the NoCoZo waited until their habitats were on the opposite side of the primary before detonating the wormholes) were resented by the mostly Pazist nearbaseline majority and the ruling Clade Borup (originally NoCoZo but now Negentropist) superiors, and were persecuted against and forced to retreat to ghettos and orbitals.

Lack of wormhole links meant the system remained impoverished, although matters were improved somewhat by an array of catapults that were constructed during the later ComEmp period, and were added to over the next few centuries. A society of inequality developed, as the nearbaseline majority resented the developing wealth and privileges of the Clade Borup plutocracy. When a small stargate link - the Morpheo - Dashwood link, was established, the ruling oligarchy kept most of the economic and informational benefits to themselves and restricted movement along it. Some superbright clades, including the Malovitches and to a lesser extent the Heinlim Intercessors, tried to undermine the Borupist feudalism through memetic engineering and hacking, but the Borupists were backed by powerful NoCoZo and Cyberian interests, who were keen to see the balance of resources flowing their way via interstellar catapult containers.

In this climate of long-term impoverishment it is not surprising that messianic and escapist religions flourished among the nearbaselines, including a number of heterodox Universalist, crypto-Anthropist, YarrMakist, and neo-Christian sects, which the Borupists not only tolerated but encouraged as it distracted from real life social reform. In 5285 the Eujoulist Principles of Efficiency Maximization hypermedia was uploaded by the Efficiency Maximization Group, a Heinlim Intercessor faction located on Vakt Ecohabitat, and widely distributed throughout the system. It soon spread to nearby star systems, and even today highly derived and almost unrecognisable variants of the Principles can be found on some Disarchy worlds. The Principles represented the first full fledged expression of Efficiency Maximization Paradigm doctrine. As explained therein, organic life constitutes an inherently wasteful use of limited of resources, and the same information can be more efficiently and robustly stored in virtual form in computronium at only a fraction of the entropy production. In such a virtual state they are able to access pleasures and optimised consciousness several orders of magnitude above the best they can hope for in non-virtual form. Believers were encouraged to convert their consciousness into efficient virtual form, by means of harmless or, preferably (because more energy efficient) destructive nanoscanning, where they could enjoy solid-state immortality.

The whole affair would have remained one more minor nanocyborg cult, had it not been for the rise of the charismatic Zua Ban vPuthr, or First Avatar vPuthr as the Paradigm refers to him. Taking advantage of refugee accounts, and deconstructing the Paradigm's memetic smokescreen and apotheosising, historians have discovered that vPuthr was neither First Avatar nor saint, but originally a rather typical cyborg hacker with dreams of Keterist deification. While working as a Linguistic Monitor clerk 3rd Class, vPuthr spent some decades enhancing his intelligence with nanite augmentations and some locally illegal Keterist technology (it is known that he made at least two trips to Ain Soph Aur and one to Aleph Absolute in the late 5100s). In 5211 he seems to have made Singularity, for he left his job at Merriam Language Surveillance Datapolls and went into a prolonged retreat, putting his organic body (by now only 52% of his total soma was still organic) into stasis. In 5315 vPuthr emerged and, using his new superbright status and enthusiasm for the Principles of Efficiency Maximization, gained honorary membership in the Heinlim Intercessors.

At this time the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm was a slowly growing but still harmless sect that advocated voluntary upload. vPuthr had introduced a number of Keterist hyperevolutionary ideas that were deemed mildly threatening by the Borupist leadership, as well as cunningly incorporating a number of Pazist and True Universalist Church memes that appealed to the baseline majority, and the Paradigm found itself banned several times. vPuthr was interrogated a number of times by Aimhem. It is still not clear how je managed to avoid his plans being detected by the feared organisation, but certainly sophisticated Cyberian cypherhacker devices were used. In 5348 vPuthr and hir associates used cyberian infiltrator AI-viruses and keterist assemblers to stage a relatively bloodless coup.

At least 5% of the population decided to flee, and these refugees still provide one of the few available alternative accounts of the early days of the Paradigm. A Borupist Government in Exile was established on Camiroi and attempts were made, without much success, to mobilise other governments to send an expeditionary force to overthrow the Paradigm.

Back in the Morpheo System little changed following the coup. The Paradigm was now the state ideology, and government was in the hands of a committee of pro-Paradigm superbrights. As more superbrights joined or emerged, vPuthr faded into the background, and little more has been heard from him. It is quite possible that he was overthrown in a leadership coup, even deleted (along with any copies). The new leadership embarked on a huge industrial and megascale project, supposedly in keeping with its ideology of creating a solid-state heaven. Large amounts of nanoreplicators were used, likely from seeds provided by Keterist allies. There was also a disquieting tendency towards censorship and illegal memetic engineering, as foreign diplomats, sentient rights groups, and traders found that their access to the local planet net had been replaced by a state-run service. For some years, while this continued, apparently with marginal help from some small Keterist and Cyberian clades. Other Cyberian groups expressed their dislike of the situation and began helping some local opposition groups. During this time, uplifts consisted of uploading the believers into virtual worlds, under the leadership of the committee of superbright nanocyborgs. Foreign diplomats and traders reported some minor local resistance among opposition parties and guerrilla insurgents (some aided by rival Cyberians), but the leadership kept a tight grip on the information access foreigners were allowed, disinformation from both the regime and the opposition groups was high, and details remained sketchy.

In 5394, without warning the Paradigm expelled all foreigners, closed their diplomatic and trade missions, and shut down their catapults and the Morpheo - Dashwood wormhole. With all links to the outside severed, many foreign observers feared the worst for the Morpheo System and their friends in government and opposition. The cyborg sociologist Irwon Xeav Gri, who had been spending some years on Paz as part of a research project, warned that the Paradigm had become an expansionist uplift empire, and petitioned the Council of Interstellar Powers (the successor to the old ComEmp) to send a relativistic fleet in. At the time the Council had other things to worry about, including the Daveth tweaks, the NoCoNeg situation, the re-emergence of Geminga orthodoxy, the political backlashes due to the Oshi-Durtam Web disaster, and was still enmeshed in the squabble over whether the Orion Federation should be accepted into the layer 2 commenting round. Under pressure from the NoCoZo delegate (who were worried about loss of Paz resources and anxious that such isolationism did not infect nearby worlds, a Negentropist corvette, the Hani Ub was sent from the Negentropist border world of Dashwood, this being the nearest system to Morpheo A + B that was connected to the stargate nexus.

What the crew of the Hani Ub found on reaching the Morpheo system some 35 years later was appalling. The Paradigm had taken a sudden militant turn and began to upload everyone and everything in the system - people, animals, plants, whole biospheres - into their virtual heaven.

Even before the Hani Ub's report reached Dashwood by laser link, distress signals were informing the civilised galaxy had become aware that something pretty unsettling was happening in the Paradigm volume. Using massive relativistic nanotech replicator/scanner swarms and the infrastructure constructed during the massive building project of the late 5300s the Paradigm attacked nearby planets and habitats, reducing all organic life to raw material for more replicators, nanocomputer clusters and other equipment, but storing the patterns of the life into extensive virtual worlds within the new planetary computing systems where it could continue as if almost nothing had happened. Inside the virtual worlds a completely faithful emulation of the real world would be created, identical in every way except for the small patches that had been unfortunately damaged by the takeover (and were skilfully approximated). The inhabitants were allowed to continue with their lives unhindered, but now only existing as efficient information patterns within the massive computer nets and unable to harm anything outside their emulations. In the conquered solar systems the Paradigm began to use the available raw materials to build Dyson spheres to avoid wasting the sunlight and more expansion ships to optimize further systems.

Shockwaves of the news raced throughout the galaxy's information network. An outer volume and periphery filled with small empires of lo tech barbarians, local warlords, and even rogue relativistic commanders left over from the Version War and refusing to accept that centuries had past and the old enemies were now at peace, were well-known, and even lent a romantic air to "The Wilds", as the region outside the reach of the Civilised Galaxy was now termed. But this was the first time since the early AI Emergence that barbarians had emerged so close to the centers of civilisation, and with such huge military and industrial might. It is well known that the Age of Expansion barbarians (as they were considered by the Sol-based remnants of the first Federation at the time) had become the superpowers of the later Age of Establishment and after - the Solar Dominion, Metasoft, Keter, etc. But at least those "barbarians" established a benevolent rule and did not demand destructive scanning and conversion to virtuality. What may be fine for a copy was not welcomed by an original. Throughout the inner sphere and the AI-god empires panic spread among the biont, cyborg, and vec populace. Even some of the posthumans and superbrights, normally so amused at the antics of the "dulls", were worried at this new destabilising influence.

In 5465 AT the Paradigm Containment Organisation was established, including a number of independent NoCoZo, NoCoNeg, and some of the more militarily powerful Utopia Sphere worlds, the Dominion, the Negentropy Alliance, the Mutual Progress Association, the Sophic League, and Metasoft. This was a major alliance between all neighbouring empires and several powerful AI fractions. The astropolitical significance was not lost on contemporary commentators - this was the first time since the Second Consolidation War that Metasoft and the Dominion had fought on the same side, and many were encouraged by the fact that these two rivals were able to put their grievances aside to fight a common foe (cynics have observed this act of magnanimity on both sides did wonders for Metasoft sales and Dominion membership). Keter and the Cyberians were all notable for their absence. Most extraordinary of all was the presence of two ISOs, one sent by the Utopia archailects and one by the Corambytia god. This was the first time Gods had intervened directly alongside ordinary sapients. For this reason if none other, the Paradigm War was a watershed in the history of the galaxy.

The two ISOs, nicknamed "Thomas" (the Utopia Sphere moon-sized ovoid) and Coramb 1 (the equally large Corambytian dodecahedron structure) established a magtech-replicator sweep and provided intelligence regarding the number and distribution of Paradigm forces. The Containment commanders were astonished when they were given the news. A vast fleet of ships was expanding out in all directions at relativistic velocity, while even more vessels clustered around conquered solar systems. Everywhere planets were being dismantled to build Dyson spheres, in blatant violation of the Galactic Heritage Preservation Act (which forbids rampant destruction or modification of pristine solar systems); everywhere bionts and aioids had been converted to information and uploaded into computronium megastructures.

In 5480 the first engagement took place at the Gritwald, newly captured by the Paradigm. It was to be a probe to test Paradigm capacity rather than a full-fledged assault. Although the Containment forces knew what to expect, they were still shocked at the number and activity of the Paradigm's fractal warships. The PCO command under the Metasoft aioid commander General Integratedchipset (Metasoft aioids and vecs don't have recognisable names, hence they are given nicknames by their allies) launched a three-pronged attack featuring Metasoft Autowars, Dominion Destroyers, and NoCoZo Battlewars Inc.'s Stealth Cruiser Squadron, advancing behind a heavy rain of amat warheads, relativistic projectiles, and particle beams. All the Paradigm casualties (about half of their fleet) came from ships in the outer system that had been taken by surprise. Undamaged vessels from further insystem immediately fragmented into a cloud of aggressive fractal nanites that proved too small and numerous for projectile and beam weapons. The attackers retreated behind a cloud of khaki goo. The Paradigm swarm advanced and in a system wide cloud engaged and overcame the PCO goo by sheer weight of numbers.

The 5481 ai-intrusion attack on the Paradigm base at Long Span Rock II proved a total failure. Paradigm defense counter-measures based on Cyberian and Keterist ice successfully blocked the ai-viruses.

For the next twenty years PCO engaged in hit and run attacks, taking advantage of intelligence provided by ISO quantum bubbles and, wherever possible, military stargates erected Dominion linelayer engineers, to strike at unprotected Paradigm targets, chiselling away at their numbers with long-range relativistic and beam weapons then retreating behind swarms of defensive goo. But despite local victories it was clear that standard weapons and attacks were not going to be successful in stopping the Paradigm advance, and the ISOs announced they would intervene with transapientech weaponry.

In 5502 a large PCO fleet advanced on the Paradigm stronghold of Avase, attacking with relativistic weapons from behind a shield of transapientech goo. The Paradigm ships mobilised as usual, but their fractal nanites proved unable to deal with the mainbrain's defenses, and their own goo, while advanced by non-God standards, was hopelessly outclassed. Avase was the first of a decisive series of battles, including the Battle of Hirst and the Siege of the Alderman's Claw Nebula, where the Paradigm expansion was curtailed by a coordinated effort of relativist fleets under ISO and hyperbright guidance, coordinated by Hayward wormhole links, and involving a combination of long-range weaponry and magmatter goo. In 5553 the last of the Paradigm defenses at Drummon Duran were defeated, but the half-built Paradigm-controlled Dyson sphere refused to surrender. Over Negentropist objections, the structure was destroyed, along with the unknown millions or billions of virtual sentients it contained.

The alliance was now in a position to striking back at the optimized planets and destroy the Paradigm forever. But the Negentropy command, disquieted over the destruction of Drummon Duran, pointed out that the brief of the PCO had not been to eliminate the Paradigm but contain it. In a tersely worded message, the Negentropist commander announced that je had conferred with The Seat of Judgement, and stated that the Alliance would join the Paradigm if any of the converted biospheres were destroyed. The Negentropists claimed that would make the damage eternal, while now at least the victims existed in a fashion. After much tense negotiations an armistice was made, and in the Jekaumeatrine Accords 5559 the Paradigm was forced to end its expansion and remain within its current borders. Godtech monitors were scattered across the volume to keep track of the Paradigm.

For a while things settled down. The empires and civilized galaxy forgot the Paradigm, and it was now the Biovirate advance that was making news. Yet the success of these strange new empires helped encourage an atmosphere of anxiety among the civilized worlds. Kalyptic and eschatological movements were on the rise everywhere, and biont and vec prophets began appearing, coming from many different traditions - Universalist, Omegist, Chaoticist, Eschatologist - speaking of the end of civilization or a new toposophic that sweep away the current order. The appearance of the Amalgamation only heightened these fears - the Amalgamation proved a far deadlier enemy than either the Paradigm or the Biovirate ever did.

Following the Amalgamation War the Paradigm took advantage of the situation and began mobilising some of its forces, but has not embarked on any further optimization. But this activity has caused the Paradigm to be even more closely watched. In the period since the Amalgamation War it has sent out emissaries to promote itself on remote worlds, and there are persistent suggestions that it has smuggled conversion/conquest nanosystems to various remote worlds which has dropped out of sight of the Wormhole Nexus. Many believe it is only a matter of time before the optimization swarms appear again, this time out in the periphery of settled space.

It has been noted that there is an enormous discrepancy between the computational demands of the optimized populations and the actual amount of computronium in the Paradigm dysons. While it is not unlikely, given the ideological origins of the Paradigm, that much of this is used to store the patterns of optimized individuals after their 'death' (in an inert or active form), it is also possible that the computation excess is used for other purposes. One possibility is that the Paradigm strives to prevent any information erasure, and need the extra computronium for storing old data. If this is true, then the Paradigm will have to start expanding within a short time to gain more memory space. Another possibility is that the extra computing power is used to house very extensive posthuman populations, possibly vast group mentalities based on copies of Paradigm leadership.

Although still generally considered a dangerous rogue empire, the Paradigm has, since the signing of the Jekaumeatrine Accords, been a somewhat well-mannered one that is actually eager to show everyone that it does not mistreat its uploaded worlds and that it has a moral idea. Politically it is allied with Keter and to some extent with the Cyberian Network, although in both cases the allies do not wish to be too closely associated with the Paradigm. Most interstellar cultures view it with fear and loathing, and will be extremely paranoid about Paradigm evangelists.

  • Budrosa Dyson  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Former Negentropy world. Currently an Efficiency Maximization Paradigm dyson sphere, used for energy production.
  • Drummon Duran  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    An important regional Negentropist system in the Centauri Sector. Overrun during the Version War but recovered. Later captured by the Paradigm and converted to a major industrial centre. Since recaptured and rebuilt. Known for its war museum and memorial, and for a thriving trade in war artefacts.
  • Felicidade   - Text by Steve Bowers
    Unsuccessful terraformed world, later a dyson sphere with a vast virtual cybercosm.
  • Guangcaishiye - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Efficiency Maximization Paradigm system - partial Dyson sphere.
  • Jekaumeatrine  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Brown Dwarf in the Centaurus region, used as neutral ground for the negotiations at the end of the Paradigm War. Currently the local HQ of the Paradigm Containment Organisation.
  • Jekaumeatrine Accords - Text by Stephen Inniss
    An agreement reached between the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm and opposing Sephirotic forces under the Paradigm Containment Organization, limiting further enforced 'optimization' of existing populations.
  • Melanthios - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Efficiency Maximization Paradigm system with former extensive asteroid belts, now converted into a Dyson Sphere with virtual inhabitants
  • Morpheo A + B - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Originally a resource rich system centered on red dwarf-brown-dwarf pair. The entire system has since been converted to the Thermal Virtopia Dyson Sphere, capital of the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm.
  • Nirio  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Former Utopia sphere system. Colonized in 5184 by an AI consortium setting up a baseline reservation and a local To'hul utopia. Attacked by the Paradigm in 5439 and optimized with little loss of life. Despite Utopia demands during the Jekaumeatrine negotiations it remained in Paradigm control. At present it is one of the most industrialized Paradigm systems. The local baselines and To'huls are believed to live essentially unchanged lives in the near-star virtuality.
  • YarrMakism - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Heterodox Negentropist memeticity based on the teachings of Yarr Mak Po 4+; influential in the initial establishment of the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm.
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Text by Anders Sandberg and M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 03 July 2000.

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