254 Gamma Titania
Early Integration hyperturing historian (Gamma Titania, Metasoft).

Author of such classics as The Human Drama (a famous anthropological study of SI:<1 hominids), Peace and War in the Terragen Bubble (a cross-toposophic strategy docudrama/interactive/encyclopaedia/ adventure immersive), and the classic Rimwards Expansion since the First Federation. Sometimes parodied (especially by revisionists) for eir over-methodological approach, 254 coined a number of new terms in order to present historical development in terms of transingularitan mathematical algorithms, and remains amongst the most important of the pre-Com-Emp Metasoft philosopher-historians.

E was instrumental in the establishment of Earthland (formerly known as "Quantumdot-with-fractal-blue-bus's 21st terrestrial world") as the first Baseline Reserve World.

In 4219, 254 Gamma Titania ascended to the 3rd singularity and withdrew from mainstream culture, although e left behind several avatars to "record the coming war" (whether e meant the imminent Version War or the Second Vec War is another matter). The Teleological Tendency claim to be greatly influenced by eir philosophical investigations, although several of eir avatars dispute that claim.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
with additions by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 14 June 2002.