Keid (40 Eridani)
Keid A B C
Image from Steve Bowers
The three stars of 40 Eridani; an orange dwarf, a red dwarf and a white dwarf.

Keid (40 Eridani) - Data Panel

System40 Eridani, also known as Keid, or the Twilight System)
PrimaryKeid A, also known as 40 Eridani A, Omicron2 Eridani A
Stellar TypeK1 V
Luminosity0.365 x Sol
Location16.4 ly from Sol, constellation Eridanus
CompanionsKeid B: White dwarf, luminosity 0.004 x Sol, orbits 400 AU from Keid A
Keid C: Red dwarf, luminosity 0.0007 x Sol, orbits 35 AU from Keid B
Eltoo, a colony orbiting Dawn
Image from Steve Bowers
Eltoo, a colony located in the L2 point of Dawn, showing the planet and the star as seen from this location. The superterrestrial planet Dawn appears smaller than the star, so that a ring of sunlight is always visible.

Planets orbiting 40 Eridani A

DawnMass 8.47 x Earth
Semimajor Axis 0.224 AU
Diameter 23440km
Density 7.5g/cm3
Type Superterrestrial.
Surface Temperature 870K
Gravity 2.52 gees
Atmosphere H2, CO2, He, N2
Escape velocity 24km/s
Several colonies in orbit, notably at the L2 Lagrange point
Distance to L2 point 730905km
(originally known as 40 Eridani Ab)
TwilightType Vesperian class (tidally locked) world
with small indigenous biosphere, now partially terraformed.
Diameter 14,470km
Orbit 0.89 AU
Surface gravity 1.14 gees
Escape velocity 12.7 km/s
Affiliation Former member of Eridanus League, now NoCoZo.
More details here
UmbraPlanetoid class. Diameter 2090km: Orbit 1.42 AU
Shadows(formerly 40 Eridani III) Jovian Class. Diameter 108000km: Orbit 3.51 AU
Moon of Shadows Orson, 2090km (this colony greatly expanded during the Integration due to an influx of low gravity tweaks

Keid B and Keid C

B and CThis red dwarf / white dwarf pair has major Sephirotic Intelligent Super Object (ISO) installations in orbit around them, affiliated to the NoCoZo and the Communion of Worlds
WormholesTwo Sides of the Same Walkway, 1600 meter gauge, to Aksijaha

This triple system near Sol is known variously as Keid, Omicron2 Eridani or 40 Eridani. The first wave of colonists were refugees from the Technocalypse who arrived in 789 AT in arkships built by GAIA. Most colonists settled on Twilight, but a smaller fraction established colonies on Umbra and Orson, and in the L2 Lagrange point of Dawn.

The colonies joined the Eridanus League soon after they received the famous Charter Transmission.

The original colonists were joined by a fleet organised by TakiCorb which arrived in 1100 AT. The Keid colony became very pro-League and only a few fringe threshold bases in the outer system dissented from continued League membership. Etodist, Mondecumen, and FalunDafa missionaries were not as successful here as on other League worlds due to the prevalence of animist beliefs.

Twilight, which already had a limited xenoecology when discovered, became an important Inner Sphere world after the fall of the Eridanus League. See also the separate article on Twilight here.

Shadows (40 eridani)
Image from Steve Bowers
Shadows, a small gas giant orbiting 40 Eridani A, and its moon Orson
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