Archangel Corvette
Archangel Ships
Image from Darren Ryding

One of a million transapient corvettes in the Archosaurian Empire, noted for the eerie cyan glow of their heat deflection armour.

Archangels are amat-powered craft each 80 metres in length, and are sometimes used for transporting large numbers of human-sized beings, small numbers of large dinosaurs, or any form of cargo. These ships are the basic flotilla co-ordinators of the Archosaurian fleet, primarily armed with gamma-ray lasers and amat missiles. They are frequently used for traversing wormholes, and several can carry the "jigsaw segments" of a high transapient virus (early versions of the model used this for the concerted attack on Vanguard Alliance in 7388 AT). Today, they are often seen escorting Dominators.

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Text by Darren Ryding
Initially published on 22 March 2009.