OA Scene 28
Image from Keith Wigdor

Regardless of how advanced communication technology may become there is always the need to travel. Sometimes it is because distance or local conditions limit the utility of communication-based observation methods such as remote sensing or remotely piloted vehicles. Sometimes it is because many sophonts just like to physically transport themselves to a particular place rather than experience it on a screen or in a virch. Regardless of the reason, Terragen civilization makes use of a wide array of transportation technologies and methodologies, often combining several different methods in different ways depending on local environmental conditions, desired travel times, and societal or personal preferences.

  • Cargo Gel  - Text by Todd Drashner
    Utility fog based device used for transporting cargo in a wide range of environments from planetary surfaces to interstellar spac
  • Docking - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Connecting two spacecraft, or a spacecraft and a station or habitat, in orbit or in deep space, so as to allow easy access from one to the other. Maneuvering for docking is almost always done now by ai.
  • Exoatmospheric - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Vehicle or tweaked life-form capable of operating both in a vacuum and in an atmosphere. May be planetary- or space-based.
  • HOGfoot Wheels  - Text by Johnny Yesterday
    a robotic appendage design that enables agile rolling-based locomotion and, in conjunction with legs, walking, running, and climbing.
  • Logistics  - Text by Alex Mulvey
    The sourcing and transportation of materials from their original location to their required destination.
Development Notes
Text by Todd Drashner

Initially published on 31 December 2007.

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