Space-adapted lifeforms

Yggdrasil Bush
Image from Steve Bowers
This immature Yggdrasil Bush only covers a fraction of the planetoid it is growing on; eventually the canopy will cover the entire object, and only then will the plant release atmospheric gases
Nonsentient lifeforms, plant- or fungal-based, neogen, or xenobiont organisms which have evolved or been designed to survive in space at a given orbital zone and radiation level.

Designed examples include Dyson Trees, AmatFruit, GreenBubbles, OxyFruit, HydroFruit, and LifeFruit. Term derived from 'astra' (star) and 'genus' (life form). Xenobiont astragens include the various species of space amoeba, which may themselves have been designed or modified by ancient and/or extinct xenosophonts.
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Initially published on 31 December 2007.