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Capella A +B, two G-type subgiants which are separated by 100 million kilometers

Distance from Sol: 43 ly
Colonised: 1287 AT

Multiple star system containing in total 9 stars in the constellation Auriga, about 43 light years from Sol. The two brightest stars in Capella are a binary star system consisting of two yellow subgiant stars which have left the main sequence. These two bright stars are accompanied by seven red dwarf stars of various luminosities, some of which are not truly associated with the other stars but are simply passing nearby.

Long populated by a variety of exotic clades and hyperturings, Capella became the capital of an important regional polity in the wake of the ComEmp break-up in 5350 AT.

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    Inner Sphere sector, approximately 20 LY across, centred on Capella. It directly abuts the Sol Sector. The main political entity in this region is the Capellan Federation.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 September 2001.