Capellan Federation

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Wickrasinghe City

One of a number of small empires to develop following the break-up of the ComEmp, the Capellan Federation has been luckier than most, continuing to the present time.

Part of this success has been due to the efforts of the local hyperturings, which have skilfully manipulated the ruling Houses and Clades of Capella, and at the same time been careful not to antagonize any of the big powers. The official birth of the Capellan Federation occurred in 5404 AT when Hyperturing So Ba Lon managed to draw nine local hyperturing gods and their polities together with the promise of special trade and investment deals e had organized in the Carina Sector.

Known as The Ten, over the next few centuries they managed to make territorial gains through friendly offers to local non-Capellan polities, gradually incorporating them, as well as undermining all transapient opponents at home. When some local Houses refused to go along with The Ten, they were undermined and a number of new clades brought in to take their place. For the most part however, the lot of the sophonts and SI:1 intelligences has been a pleasant one, and the Capellan Federation has become a popular centre for banking, investment, and data-storage. Currently the Families Yton and Hazwic constitute the major proxies, although there has been some manoeuvring among some of the New Houses in the area, apparently with tacit approval from the Ten.

During the Refutology Wars, and especially during the Byrdis conflict, the Capellan Federation lost a number of important outlying polities to the Dominion and the Terragen Federation. The polities of New Moscow and Sana-Nuiceres went over to the Fomacs, and the Democratic Union of Wickrasingh seceded. However, the ruling hyperturings have been nothing if not flexible, and have been able to recover the stability of their client worlds through a rigorous memetic purge. At present the Federation is once again looking at investment possibilities along the periphery, this time in the Cygexpa Outer Volumes.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 September 2001.