Battle of Erson
Brin Ground attack vec
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A Metasoft Orbit-Ground Occupation Unit on Brin at the start of the Battle of Erson

Battle of Erson, a continent on Brin (42 Tauri IV). One of the most bitter battles of the Conver Wars. As Metasoft dropped four million Orbit-Ground Occupation Units onto the continent Erson, the Geminga Orthodoxy used their remaining stockpiles of antimatter to open magma chambers in the Lense range. The resulting massive eruption flooded 58% of Erson with lava, halting the OGOU advance, killing 120,000 civilians who could not be evacuated and permanently unbalancing the planetary climate. In the end it merely brought the Orthodox a few days of time.
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    A continent on the planet Brin in the 42 Tauri system; site of the famous Battle of Erson. Now a part of the Metasoft empire. Large parts of the planet are still uninhabitable to biont life outside protective domes. The impressive Danton Monument stands as an timeless monument to the foolishness of war, and attracts a large number of peace pilgrims and ahimsic tourists.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 08 October 2001.