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Star YTS 9801-98-1700
Colonised 3709AT
Distance from Sol 805LY
Constellation Canis Major

A harsh world known for the presence of the clarketech material MellaUx 137, Beelzebub is the only world in the Terragen Sphere where this artificial, exotic-matter mineral-like substance can be found. Current theories suggest that this material is a relic of a long-vanished xenosophont civilisation. The substance cannot be replicated by modosophont technology. MellaUx 137a is both dangerous and unstable. It can be used as a power source or as a very destructive weapon. The energy obtained from this material is greater than that available from any chemical reaction, and yet the source does not appear to be any known form of nuclear reaction either.

The properties of MellaUx 137 were not fully discovered until late in the 44th century (the integration). This planet is highly active volcanically, and initial attempts to terraform it failed repeatedly. Efforts to reduce the surface temperature of the world to make it more hospitable were unsuccessful due to an unidentified energy source. Eventually the cause was identified, namely the decay of MellaUx 137a; following this discovery the secret of this exotic material was withheld by the colonists for many centuries.

During the collapse of the integration and the loss of trade routes, Beelzebub became isolated from the galaxy. during the following Version War period, MellaUx 137a was the subject of intensive research on this world. When the trade routes reopened and the planet made contact with the rest of Galactic society once more, news of the discovery filtered out. Soon Beelzebub was the target of prospectors and academic interest.

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During the Version War and the Age of Crisis MellaUx 137a was in high demand, both as a fuel and as an explosive. Many wars were fought in this system, until a tribunal of Caretaker God transapients declared the world off-limits to outsiders in 7909AT.

In the Current Era several factions are in dispute over the possession and rights of the mineral. The descendants of the original colonists guard the mining sites, which are reportedly dangerous and well hidden. The local traders guild, Bigoloz, has refused to answer any questions or give any information, and attempts to uncover the history of the planet have been stonewalled by this organisation. Bigoloz traders are allowed to freely come and go by the Caretaker transapients, but they have no direct contact with them. The Caretakers do not interfere with the trading activities of the local inhabitants but intervene instantly to prevent attacks from outsystem. Any outsiders are subject to extreme restrictions of movement and action.

Beelzebub Surface

Beelzebub surface
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Surface Conditions

The planet is hot, dry and the surface is partially molten; a high gravity and thick atmosphere make surface conditions comparable to many hot superterrestrial planets, but Beelzebub is too far from the local star for this heating to be explained by insolation or tidal heating alone. The exotic mineral found in the crust of this world heats the surface of the planet by spontaneous decay; only in certain secret locations can mining operations be carried out successfully.

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