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Ultratech is the highest grade of technology that can be maintained and operated by subsingularitan sentients, only requiring transapient assistance to set up the initial training and support structure. Unlike Hitech, ultratech is derived, in part or in whole, from technology originally devised by transapient entities. Very often the original idea for an ultratech concept has been conceived by a modosophont scientist or imagineer, but the actual technology has been brought into reality by transapient minds.

Ultratech can, in theory, be reproduced and maintained by a modosophont society indefinitely without further transapient assistance. For that reason it is popular with many clades and polities that wish to remain autonomous from transapient hegemony. It is also very popular in modosophont Free Zones, and widely used in many NoCoZo polities and member worlds. A very decent interplanetary-scale civilization can be maintained just through ultratech alone.

Particular examples of ultratech are monopole and magmatter engineering, conversion technology and deep well industrial zones (transmutation forges).
Ultratech artifacts and products not uncommonly can be found in High, Middle, and Low tech civilizations, polities, and worlds, and may be acquired by trade, foreign aid or inheritance or more rarely through a direct gift from some friendly transapient. It can also be found in Transapientech Civilizations, usually as fads or curiosities.

Augmented Superbright sophonts or even special dedicated hyperturings are typically required if a civilization needs to operate ultratech though in some cases the devices can be mastered by augmented sapients with some effort. Much depends on the type of tech. Although most ultratech is configured to be baseline friendly and "idiot proof", this is not always the case.

Ultratech is ubiquitous throughout the Sephirotic polities and other developed worlds; most commonly in the NoCoZo and Terran Federation, but also very often standard elsewhere. It is even found commonly in many polities isolated from the Wormhole Nexus, as well as in the hinteregions and Outer Volumes; in fact anywhere that sophonts can set up an advanced manufacturing base and have good access to data and raw resources.

Ultratech civilizations and societies differ from hitech societies largely in the degree of their interdependence with transapients and of course in the even higher degree of power and wealth they provide to members.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev and Steve Bowers

Initially published on 01 January 2007.

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