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Not all angelnets are friendly. The term demon-net is sometimes used for such networks. The terms may even be relative, in that one population's angelnet may be another's demon-net. Outside Sephirotic regions for instance some angelnets may protect the locals but may be neutral to outsiders or invaders, neither protecting nor attacking them, but others respond aggressively to outsiders, whether with gentle but impenetrable obstruction or with damaging or lethal force that is comparable to the way a biont's immune system attacks foreign microbes. These may systems be regarded as 'demon-nets' by trespassers.

Many "ahuman" AIs use these more aggressive angelnets/demon-nets as a means of protecting their subsystems from interference or attack or infestation by ordinary sophonts. Ahuman systems are notorious for disassembling unauthorized intruders without warning, sometimes immediately and sometimes after inexplicably tolerating them for hours, days, or even years. Yet worse fates may await those who find themselves within the equivalent of demon-net in a blight or perversity; in such regions disassembly and death is a relatively fortunate outcome.

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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 06 July 2014.