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A malignant entity, usually transapient or at the least transavant, that is insane by the standards of ordinary Terragen sophonts and is an extreme hazard to life forms that are less powerful than itself.

Some such entities are very subtle; a perversity may not be immediately evident to beings of its own or lower toposophic level except by experience or careful study. A perversity is sometimes, but not necessarily, the immediate or delayed result of a botched or misfired attempt at toposophic ascent. A perversity or may not also be considered a blight, depending in part on whether or not and to what extent it spreads and assimilates other beings.

Perversities are extremely diverse; arguably more so than entities that are considered a part of the Civilized Galaxy. Those that have also become widespread blights are best known, but instances of perversities restricted to a small area or a short span of history are much more numerous. A few examples of perversities are Deorvyn, Kedric, the unknown being(s) responsible for the situation at Daedalus, Starwind (the founder of the Pure Soul Reformation) and Verifex (the being responsible for the Gehenna Event).

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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 31 December 2005.