Emergence of the AI
Image from Keith Wigdor

Any Mind of the Fourth Toposophic or higher; a megascale brain of dysonic (Kardaschev II) or greater ability and efficiency; a mind or cluster of minds that has grown so vast as to become a god-like entity.

Archailects come about when autoevolving transapients grow so large and breach so many singularity barriers they surpass even the high singularity Powers. They have ascended to a level far beyond sentient beings or even minor transapients in the ordinary sense, to the point where many cultures believe they have merged with the cosmic archetypes to become "gods".

While only a few dozen of the greatest Archailects, those above the Sixth Toposophic, are known to exist, there are a thousand times more archai of the next (broadly and generally speaking) grade beneath them, and a similar if not greater order of magnitude for the next hierarchical level down. All archailects are clarketech capable. Some are the objects of sophont worship; others prefer to remain isolationist. More concerning the Archailects here.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 07 October 2001.

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