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Archaiologists are toposophic researchers specializing in archailects. Their work method consists of the uncovering, gathering, and analysis of observations of archailect activity, followed by attempts to understand what was going on in the observed data. Archaiologists try to uncover the organisations, interactions, and everything else about the archailects, but their work rarely results in anything beyond theories, since it is very difficult to ascertain anything transapient with absolute certainty. Only rarely do the archailects respond to questions from archaiologists (at least directly), and even when they do, there is no guarantee that they are telling the truth.

The archaiologists pride themselves on their field work, and the title is only truly suitable for these field theorists, though some armchair theorists try to use the title as well. Most archaiologists disdain the pure theorists, believing that they can't get a proper understanding of the archailects without actual experiencing the fallout of their activities. Though many consider the archaiologists base hobbyists, some of the great minds in toposophic research such as Lildel Thor, Luminus Ai Solarian, and Minus Plus Plus are archaiologists.
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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 16 July 2008.