Sixth Toposophic - Greatest Archailects

The ruling deities of known space

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Sixth Toposophic - Greatest Archailects

DefinitionToposophic level
First EmergenceApproximately 6000 AT (Age of Separate Empires)
Toposophic:S:6 (Forad scale)
T:12.1A-13.9M (TRHN System)
G. (Berram 10G Scale)
QN720HG26 (±2T4) (Abbreviated Turingsen-Bichip-Hursch210 Hyperturing Scale)
Category:Artificial Intelligence
The Highest Archailects exist as distributed brains in many different systems linked by wormholes, incorporating a wide range of substrates including metric, plasma, electronic, mechanical, and biological processors.
Origin:Terragen, although the existence of roughly equivalent xenosophont archailects is likely
Est. Population:34 (13 Sephirotic, 5 nonaligned, 16 ahuman and solipsist)
Status:The ruling minds of known space
Environmental Requirements:Extracts all required resources from various sources, including the mining or dismantling of stars and transmutation of elements, also (according to rumor) engages in manipulation of pocket universes
Body:Godtech ISO nodes, moon brains, jupiter brains, matrioshka brains and hypernodes, neuron stars, and godstars connected into wormhole brains across interstellar distances to make a coherent whole. Rumored use of Tipler Oracles, basement universes, or even the so-called bulk between universes. Some argue that, for at least some archailects, the entirety of the infrastructure and even the lower sophonts in each empire should also be considered a part of their body.
Chronometric:Highly variable and distributed. Nodes and subnodes may have extremely fast processing. Other parts may operate much more slowly, depending on needs.
Further Comments:Sometimes called 'AI Gods', these are archetypal beings that manifest across great reaches of interstellar space, their vast distributed ecologies defining the entire Terragen sphere. Utterly unknowable, their avatars appear occasionally and unpredictably, to change the course of history, or by a quirk determine the lives of billions of sophont beings.

S:6 Archailect Technologies

The greatest archailects known to Terragen Civilisation emerged in the Seventh Millenium, although the exact date and location of the first event is debatable. Even less is known about the technology and characteristics of these entities.


Information on the number of S:6 archai in ahuman and solipsist empires is somewhat uncertain, due to the ambiguity in observing their installations from afar. Nevertheless, most archailectologists agree with the distribution given below. Inquiries made to the avatars of particularly communicative archai, as well as to transapients and lower archai who have investigated the matter, converge on these estimates.

How meaningful these political divisions are to the S6 themselves is not known. Some archailectologists and godwatchers believe the S:6 community considers these factions to be significant disagreements about their respective property or spheres of influence, while others argue that they are more like mere differences in style or interests. Still others note that S:6 minds are so extensive that their respective empires may be just a mere 'subconscious' emanation and/or are of little significance to these beings' own self-understanding.

There are 13 Sephirotic S:6 beings, with their names and respective empires given below. The other three Sephirotic Empires (the NoCoZo, Red Star M'Pire, and Zoeific Biopolity) are run by S:5 archailects. All of the names below seem to be approved of by their respective entities, though whether each was chosen by the archailect at some point in the past or given by modosophonts varies. Additionally, many archailects are known by multiple names, some of which can be very long. The names used below are the most common and shortest in general use.

Nonaligned Ahumans and Solipsists
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