Lord of Rays

Ruling Archailect of the Solar Dominion

Solar Dominion Symbol
Image from Anders Sandberg

The Lord of Rays, also known by various names from old and new mythology such as Atum-Rah, Aton, the Golden Disc, the Cosmic Anahata, the Great Wheel, and the Tipheret or Tipharet, is the S6 AI God of interconnection and leadership. E has systematically promoted contact with various empires, their worlds, the houses and independent groups. More than any other astrographic zone, Eir empire, the Solar Dominion, has tended towards centralism and a single noetic and religious ideology, variously known (in some of its more predominant variants) as Atonism, Solarism, Lumignosis, and Autogenism.

Currently there are no less than 645 major empires and polities which directly serve the Lord of Rays. The largest and most important of these is the Dominion of the Divine Sun, which has its center at Fons Luminis (Hespera / Xi Majoris), a system that contains much of the central processing nodes of the archailect. It is said that to live in the Hespera system is to live in the Transcend Itself. The Capital is ruled by the Lord's servant, the immortal cyborg God-Emperor the Ascended Daniel Borde. More on Daniel Borde Here.

Fons Luminis is said to be like the Hub of a Great Wheel, in that the interconnections point inwards and outwards rather than networking as in the case of many other sephirotics. Hence the name Great Cakra, (the Great Wheel) applied both to Xi Majoris and to the Lord of Rays Emself. The empires of The Lord of Rays have always been expansive, but seek to expand by politics rather than military, economic or technological strength.
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Development Notes
Text by Anders Sandberg and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 03 December 2001.