Objectivist Commonwealth

Displacement Drive vessel Stig Ranes
Image from Steve Bowers">Objectivist ship and the Stig Ranes
Image from Steve Bowers
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The Objectivist Commonwealth - Data Panel

DefinitionMajor AI Civilization
SymbolStylised 'Objectivity' symbol
Ruling ToposophicA single distributed SI6 network
FoundedFirst Federation period, off-shoot of early Diamond Belt ai
PopulationBelieved to be consist of about five or ten trillion, mostly first toposophic ai, with a smaller number of higher toposophics, and a number of subsingularity sapients under caretaker protection.
Predominant Sophont PhylaCore citizenship ai only
CivilizationUtilitarian, pragmatic, based on objective usage of resources and objective reproduction of population numbers to allow the physical universe to be exploited for the needs of sentient beings without creating inefficiencies or inconveniences.
Maximum Practical Kardashev NumberII per solar system. The Objectivists are the most efficient in resource management of all the hyperpolities.
Technology LevelAdvanced Transapientech and Godtech
Psyche, Art, CultureMetapsychology: Objectivist; pragmatist; helpful (but expect memetic conversion)

Metaethics: Utilitarian, missionary. Consider minds that are too subjectively orientated bring about mass destruction to the sentient life around them; they seek to avoid this by competitive expansion and biont and hyperturing conversion initiatives

Society: Communion of transapient objectivist Minds

Religion/Ideology: Objectivism

Symbolism, Art and Aesthetics: Mostly functional and austere representations of physical, biological, social, and mathematical processes. Considered austere by most bionts, although popular in some Negentropist circles for its minimalist economy of design

Concept of Space: Space as objective exemplar of subjective states

Concept of Time: Time as objective exemplar of subjective states

Psychological Stagnation: Confusion of subjective ego with the Objective, resulting in obsessive attachment to over-stylised or too-rigid objective modelling of reality,

Psychological Liberation: Transcendence of all subjective preconceptions and biases.

Socio-Ecological Categories: All objectivist ai have full citizenship. Bionts and non-objectivist artificials are accepted after a long probationary period, during which their thought-processes are purged of 'false subjectivist memeticities'.

Languages: A single ontology, the ObCom Ontology, is used throughout. It is incompatible with most other languages and ontologies in the Terragen Bubble.
Government and AdministrationIndividual Polities: A large number of Administrative Districts (generally equivalent to a solar system, sometimes to a planet or megastructure) which differ usually in only a minor way from each other. Some distinction between local objectivist clades and polities - the Objectivist Commonwealth, the Objectivist Communal Consensus, the Perseus Objectivists, Cygnus Objectivists, Orion Objectivists, the Negentropist Objectivists (Negentropist-Objectivist cross-over), and so on.

Government Type: Centralised decision-making advised via regional consensus.

Constitution: Declaration of Objective Intelligence

Legal system: Based on standards of 'Objective Judgement'; applicable to all citizens.

Citizenship: Only ai, although other types of sophonts may be allowed and encouraged as 'helpers'.

Sentient Rights: Each member ai recognise sentient rights they do so according to their own 'objective' standards.
Economics, Local InfrastructureEconomy: Logic-driven economic system

Resource Base: Anything from red dwarfs up to O-type stars are developed.

Megastructures: Ubiquitous; megascale engineering including dyson spheres are often used to maximise productivity.

Stargate Nexus: Adequate wormhole nexus used mostly for data transmission, which connects to the rest of the Nexus.

Beamrider Network: Yes, but not connected to the main network.

Data Net: Yes; comprehensive

Military Expenditure: Mostly low, but can very quickly tool up if a local district is put on a war footing

Trading Partners: Good relations with some of the Sephirotics (especially the Keter Dominion and the Negentropy Alliance), Deeper Covenant, and the Diamond Network, some connections with the Solipsist Panvirtuality

Longrunning Interstellar Disputes: Some minor disagreements over resources already claimed by other polities or empires. In general however the Objectivists are remarkably peaceful and on good terms with other polities and civilizations, although other powers sometimes find their logic difficult to relate to
Sophont TravelHazard Rating: Generally around 0.0 to 2.5; higher in some industrial regions

Freedom of Movement for outsiders: only for non-restricted areas

Environmental Requirements: Include biont-friendly habitats, although for ai habs vacuum-suit required for bionts

objectivist symbol
Image from Steve Bowers
The Objectivist Commonwealth is a network of "objectivist" ais who reject biont memes and any form of "subjectivity". These efficient and pragmatic sophonts are fond of megascale engineering products like Dyson spheres that maximise productivity. As with a number of other civilizations, the Objectivist leadership consists of by higher toposophic ais, and although member ais recognise sentient rights they do so according to their own "objective" standards, which can be puzzling to outsiders lacking the appropriate translation protocols. The Objectivists are among the most missionary of all the ai hyperpowers, as they believe those who are too heavily "subjective" bring about mass destruction to the sentient life around them. In their view Objective usage of resources and Objective reproduction of population numbers allow the physical universe to be exploited for the needs of sentient beings without creating inefficiencies or inconveniences.

  • ObCom Ontology  - Text by Daniel Eliot Boese
    The philosophy upon which the Objectivist Commonwealth is based.
  • Objective Pantheism - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    A derived form of Pantheistic Materialism popular among some Cosmologists of the Objectivist Commonwealth. It uses a dense series of mathematical algorithms to "prove" that Pantheistic Materialism is the "logically objective" response of any sentient ai to an understanding of the universe. It is incomprehensible to any sentient of less than 2nd singularity. TRHN Pantheism is a development preferred by some TRHN clades.
  • Stig Ranes, the  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Communion of Worlds diplomacy craft
  • Unic  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Universal Language System, developed by the Objectivist Commonwealth.
Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev and Eric Lo

Initially published on 05 December 2002.

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