Universal Language System, developed by the Objectivist Commonwealth.

Among the most popular and widely spoken of the AI languages, Unic was developed by Objectivist ai some time during the first federation period, and still lingua franca throughout much of the Commonwealth. The language, which in its pure form is almost unintelligible to SI:<1 bionts, and even to many ai and vec clades, uses a grammar and syntax precise mathematico-logical axioms. In the thousands of years since its development it has spread widely through many of the metaempires, especially the Diamond Nexus, parts of the Panvirtuality, and some of the Sephirotic AIs, evolving and mutating into an entire language family that rival Anglish in diversity

Among the various languages in the Unic family:

Old Unic: original language, still spoken in a few solipsist ai polities, and by "Old Style" traditionalists in the ObjComm (Objectivist Commonwealth).

New Unic, or just "Unic" - current version of Unic that is the official language of the Objectivist Commonwealth.

High Unic: a very subtle and elaborate ai tongue that can only be understood by Minds of 2>SI:>4.

Low Unic: a dumbed down version popular with many ordinary sapient (SI:<1) ai, vecs, and cyborgs.

Flowery Unic: developed by the trickster solipsists of Lokai-45 - replaces the precise Objectivist axioms with verbose and even comical expressions, while still remaining a valid language.

Anglounic: hybrid/pidgin tongue that can be easily used by many bionts

Sovic: Low Unic-Anglounic-based and modified language that is widely spoken by all clades in Megasov Dyson.

NoCoUnic: economic businessbeing language, widely spoken by transapient corporate ai in the NoCoZo and elsewhere.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 15 December 2001.