Void Swarms

Hypothetical god-tech entities consisting of numerous linked void motes

Void Swarm
Image from Steve Bowers
Space-time distortion observed in the Cepheus OB association, probably a Panvirtuality void-swarm

Void swarms are also sometimes known as distributed void brains or void angels. The exact functioning and capabilities of these ISOs and seraiphs remain unknown and are subject to much speculation. Anecdotal reports, and occasional comments from certain high toposophic sources, indicate that void swarms are a real but rather new phenomenon, first encountered about 1500 years ago.

A void swarm is an ISO believed to be employed only by the highest archailects. It is speculated they consist of a wormhole-linked swarm of many millions, and perhaps even up to billions, of void bubbles that act as a coherent whole. It is also believed that there are nested void bubbles within theses primary bubbles which are linked with the other bubbles via Hayward class wormholes. It is not known how many nested layers of void bubbles are contained within each primary bubble. The only known limitation of this technology is the maximum mass the whole primary bubble mustn't surpass. A too massive bubble would collapse and form a black hole.

Most of the void bubbles contain S6 godtech computronium intervoven with the quite massive wormhole interconnect, possibly forming a highly mobile distributed W-Brain. The exact toposophic level of the resulting entity is not known, but is believed to be anywhere up to S4 for the largest observed swarms.

Other bubbles, or motes, can serve as mass/energy reserves (most probably hawking knots), and as weapons caches, equipped with an extensive array of godtech weapons. Some observed variants have included displacement cannons, shatterbombs and god-level disassembler swarms. Some might even contain metric warheads as a kind of "permanent deterrent".

Void swarms also seem to be able to utilize some form of manus die system when in coherent operation which may allow them to modify local reality up to a level only accessible to the higher and highest archailects. There are quite recent reports of a strangely behaving S4 jupiter brain and six S3 moon brains in the Panvirtuality system Sh2-171 near the border of Transcend space that were attacked soon after by "something" fitting the void swarm description of many swarmlike spacetime disturbances and massive effects appearing seemingly out of nowhere. The result was the destruction of the jupiter brain leaving behind only the disordered remnants of the jupiter brain, and the six moon brains with their S3 minds apparently rewritten.

Despite their obvious extreme military and intelligence capabilities dwarfing those of a black angel, the exact purpose of void swarms is not known, and is most certainly unknowable, since the archailects do not comment on this technology. While the black angels deployed by the highest archailects also seem to make use of void swarm technology, true void swarms are much larger (and make massive use of nested void bubbles), more capable, especially due to their utilisation of manus dei technology and have no material components in normal space-time detectable for non-archailect minds. Furthermore they are more versatile than black angels which has lead some observers to the conclusion that void swarms are the 'fingers of the gods' (or better parts of these fingers) that are used when an archailect needs something important done as quickly and efficiently as possible — be it construction or destruction. At another instance a similar swarm has been observed in the open cluster NGC 6738 in Keter space restructuring stellar matter to plasma processors and hypernode swarms without the use of any observable mediating devices at an unparalleled speed.

Some have speculated that even larger void swarms might be used to form mobile gods. A similar theory is, that some archailects might reteat to, or reside in, stable tipler oracles connected to this universe via a multitude of wormholes, each enclosed in a void bubble. This would allow them to maintain their sphere of influence in this universe while being invulnerable to any known threat and still grow without limit by nesting stable tipler oracles into one another or expand further into the bulk. Experts in the fields of toposophics and metric engineering have refuted these ideas as pure speculation and conjecture but the meme of mobile gods is still quite popular with more 'esoteric' modosophonts.

Another speculation is that metric ghosts are some form of void swarm, but no data is yet available to verify such a claim. As usual the archailects themselves refuse to comment on any of these theories.

The fact that most void swarms have been observed near the borders of the Transcend and the Panvirtuality has made some modosophonts in the Sephirotics very nervous — especially those who always suspect the ahuman AIs to prepare for an all-out war against all bionts.

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Text by Marcel Lossi
Initially published on 13 February 2010.