Fellowship of Independent Historians

An organization devoted to discovering and publishing historical facts from primary sources

the badlands
Image from Anders Sandberg
Fellowship research towers in the badlands of Eden

Many forces want to manipulate people's view of history and what has really happened, making history highly uncertain even despite problems such as lack of surviving eyewitnesses, modernization destroying evidence or lack of primary sources. To combat this the Fellowship of Independent Historians have emerged. It is based on the belief that truth is the highest value, and to uncover and preserve truth is the highest goal one can have in life. No sacrifice or danger is large enough to outweigh the value of truth (in practice the Fellows tend to be somewhat practical and rational about it, but a large number of them have made tremendous sacrifices or even been martyred for their faith in truth). The Fellows gather evidence on what is going on and try to find firsthand information on the past, gathering it into their hidden databases and publishing it wherever they can. They have discovered that the Relativists are often a good source of information and a place to cache messages to the future.

While usually having good relations to the Institutes, the Fellows are skeptical of their traditionalism and political agendas. This goes especially for the Encyclopaedia Galactica Institute, which the Fellows regard as being highly biased.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 22 July 2000.