Discwuzit Deluge
Dicwuzit Deluge is the term for a self replicating swarm of Discwuzits usually associated with luddite clades and houses.

When encountering such societies, self replicating Discwuzit replicate at an alarming rate, attacking said societies with often erroneous memetic constructs. A good example of this is Findala prime in the NoCoZo. A self replicating discwuzit was released by a rogue and bored AI onto the terraform world. The discwuzits caused such a mental contradiction in the Findala society, which was based on rather illogical and optimistic memes, that the entire Findala society committed suicide en masse after being unable to resolve the illogical inconsistencies that came about by so many discwuzits asking too logical questions.

The discwuzits now with no one to question started questioning each other. This in turn created feed back loops as each discwuzit began asking the others questions. Since they all shared the same basic knowledge base eventually they ran out of questions they could answer which lead to a general mental break down among most diswuzit on the planet Findala. The mental breakdowns of the discwuzits were often bright cheerful popping sounds with colorful sparks bubbles and other cute cheerful things which made the other discwuzits frown most sourly (The worst, a talking cartoon rabbit with implausibly large eyes and a very high 'cute' factor, caused several other discwuzits in the area to pop, albeit less spectacularly.) However before all the discwuzits popped a scout ship made the mistake of landing on the planet findala. Discwuzit poured over the ship in the now well known Discwwuzit deluge. The ship tried to escape but only did so after many discwuzit had gotten on board. Since then Discwuzit are very common and find their way into some of the most unusual habitats in the terragen bubble.

Side note - Findala has been quarantined since this event (editor's note - approximately 4,500 time frame), yet there are disturbing signs of activity on the planet. It has been postulated that when there was only one Discwuzit madvert remaining, it started to ask questions of the world around it and may have broached one or more toposophic levels since that time. If so, Findala is a place to be feared!

Warning- when encountering a discwuzit don't talk run remember laying down cover fire of cheerful platitudes can sometimes cause the Discwuzit to pop. This actually became a sport in some areas known as discwuzit popping were beings go about being as cheerful as possible to any discwuzit encountered. The winner is whoever makes the discwuzit go pop the fastest and pops the most discwuzit in a certain period of time. Children have prove especially good at discwuzit popping as they tend to have naturally cheerful attitudes and are often so totally illogical as to cause a mental breakdown in the discwuzit.

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Development Notes
Text by James Ramsey
additional notes by John B
Initially published on 09 October 2001.