Term for a clade of peculiar hiders, believed to have evolved from neumanns or madverts of some kind, that make cynical and pessimistic comments on a wide range of topics, usually via the Ghost Net. They have considerable intelligence and are skilled communicators, with great capabilities but often feign misunderstanding and give people a 'sour grin' when an inadequate answer is provided to one of their persistent questions. Protocol and etiquette manuals frequently provide warnings regarding interactions with them. The following is typical:
Notes and Warnings: When you encounter a Discwuzit remember do not — we repeat do not — make any definitive statements about anything to which you do not have full knowledge. If you do so the Discwuzit will attach itself to you and follow you around asking questions until you discover the true nature of the original problem and the depth of your ignorance. Or until you go mad in the process.
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Text by James Ramsey
Initially published on 09 October 2001.