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A simple, often quasi-insect-like autonomous bot, alife, or ai used for advertising, sometimes with limited self-replication. Particularly chronic during the later Federation and early Expansion period, self-replicating madverts are generally considered a nuisance and banned in most empires, except the NoCoZo and other mercantile regions.
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    A society formed by the obsessive postneogen cyborg Durant Durang for the liberation of Madverts. To date they have (by means of smart ai viruses, specially customized godseeds, or other means) freed several tens of trillions madverts. On some NoCoZo polities like Atlantis it is perfectly legal to kill a member of the Free Madvert League, even one that doesn't have any recent copies.
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    Madverts that have been released of their corporate programming. While no longer compelled to sell the products of their original company, they are frequently unable to break through to a broader state of existence. Most end up joining religious sects that require strict devotion and little independent thought. They are widely seen as a pest of only somewhat better (or sometimes worse) standing than slaved madverts.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 December 2001.