::NN:: ON THIS DAY 7,420 YEARS AGO — The Dergderph Incident

Daily Life
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Keter Dominion, 3084 ATE:

Today the Keterist Upload Board reversed its prior decision to allow personnel to assist madverts to transcend. While allowing that madverts are considered to be sentient, the Board released a strongly-worded condemnation of assisting them ascending as a public nuisance and potentially a public safety issue. "Madverts child-like. Madverts single-focused. Madvert freed of monomaniacal edge insentient. Madvert Transcend Not!" read the baseline-friendly portion of the published decision.

It is speculated that this is in direct response to the recent mob looting sprees noticed against the 'Dergderph' mesh of hypertech outlets. Keterist Defense Forces are still refraining from comment on the kinetic strike on an uninhabited warehouse which rumor claimed as the cause of the rioting mob, and from which this reporter and others heard snatches of a several month old 'Dergderph' ad jingle.

Knowing how many High Transapient entities are involved in the Keter Dominion, this action is less likely to be as a reaction to Dergderph incident, more likely used to prevent something worse their models predict 10 years down the road.

But if the reporter is an unreliable witness (i.e.. not omniscient or totally objective) maybe this is how the pieces seem to fall together in er mind (ah, those nearbaselines, always living in the "present").

But that baseline portion of the Upload Board condemnation really ticks me off. I mean, come on we're baselines but we're not totally oblivious or lacking in ability to interpret syntax. I hate it when they get all patriarchal like that and try to talk down to your level. You'd think the local branch of the Upload Board could at least get some decent 'dumbing down' protocols for their translation software. I bet Metasoft could provide some cheap.

And I also bet the High Transapient portions of the message have a lot of great details that they don't think we baselines are ready for, or could possibly understand. I can just read the text in my mind: "...and don't tell the baselines these things will happen in the next 5 years. You know the poor little things will just get all fatalistic and depressed."

Makes me want to shed all my bionano implants and run naked through the habitat in protest like the subs-subsingularitan animal those archailect bastards must think I am.

Sorry. Get carried away sometimes.

Who Knows what Baseline Bob is thinking?
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Text by John B and Peter Kisner
Initially published on 20 June 2003.