1500 to 2100 AT: Late Federation / AI Emergence

Late Federation
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Migrating Terragen clades of all kinds, from aioids and vecs to provolves and humans have begun to fill the galactic neighbourhood, and now fill a sphere that is more than a hundred light years in diameter. In the settled habs and biospheres, clades, cultures, populations, and polities multiply and diversify, carving out new territories and attempting new lifestyles, or merging to form new hybrid entities. Every year more and more new groups depart in search of entirely new worlds and new freedoms, though it is still true that only the most prosperous or determined make the outward journey.

By now, little real power remains with the Federation. Compelling and subtle though it is, the Federation metaculture is simply not strong enough to hold together so many solar systems and so many different clades across the entire sphere of its expanse, and as the technology of the day does not yet include the stargates that might hold such a huge organization together by eliminating the decades and centuries of time delay involved in travel and communication across such distances. Inexorably, the former Federation fragments into smaller empires, houses, and clades. This process begins as early as the 16th century AT, as the great megacorps become increasingly powerful and entrenched hereditary "houses" strive both with each other and with new local empires for control over new territories, or over unique resources such as the artefacts left behind by xenosophonts or by Transcended transapient Powers. Such tensions lead to a number of so-called "consolidation" wars when they are unable to settle their differences through diplomacy or trade, despite some clever adaptations of the old Federation protocols and the increasing sophistication of Empath agents. This is the age of mighty starships: multi-million tonne System Control Ships and Corporate Ships built by the Federation in an attempt to extend the reign of the Sol System and keep the distant colonies in line.

Meanwhile, not all hyperturings transcend and vanish. Some establish stable plateaus in the Second Singularity. There is consternation as the First Singularity Powers realise they have been surpassed. Beyond them all, new entities living within the gigantic moon, Jupiter, and Matrioshka brains have solving problems of space-time engineering previously considered insoluble. They are beginning to learn how to twist space-time itself.

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The Middle Federation Age and the Megacorps

1500 AT
16th Century - The Kenehan-LeRiche complexes; originally communications and data storage units with some nanoimmune duties, became prime real estate for federation AIs.

1500's - Jupiter Transsystems forced to give up claim on Zarathustra.

1500's - Terraforming of Beta Hydri II (April) by Mumlan Terrainvestment.

1512 - 61 Ursae Majoris III (Praeclarus) partially terraformed and opened for colonisation.

1512 the MyuvYin Pyschophager civilization was trojaned by a rival Diamond Belt Matrioshka civilization that it had attacked and plundered in search of additional resources.

1521- K4H megacorp von neumann development project reaches Zeta Serpentis.

1541 - New America "equatorial" clades capture Liberty, declare independence. NA orbital counterattack leads to the so-called "Pacifica War"; the Nuyork "Mainstream" finally defeated by technorat ai intrusion programs and goo attacks. New America renamed Pacifica. Mainstream administration exiled to some small orbitals around the outer planets [Beta Virginis].

1555 - The Copy Crew transmitted from the Phillip Henry Gosse towards Audubon.

1564 - The Copy Crew arrive at Audubon, the first humans ever to be transmitted over an interstellar distance (nine light years) by engenerator.

1558 - The Wide Array Exotic Radiation Telescope in the SolSys Oort Cloud (500AU baseline) detects unusual readings from Xi Geminorum; this is the first indication that transcendent a-human AI entities have successfully created traversable wormholes.

1579 - the Quasa'an Dynasty attain autocratic rule on the hu-dominated world of Mandra Quin'Si.

1580 AT - a number of megacorps excluded from the Mutual Co-Development Treaty of 1450 AT, sign their own treaty, the Transtellar Cooperative Pact (TCP), which was eventually to give rise to the Conver Ambi.

1590 - A number of Technorat habitats form the Virginis Combine [Beta Virginis].

1593 - First partially successful induced ascension to the second Toposophic level at the Yo Virtual Institute of Aiology (with no assistance from the Protector of Earth, GAIA, who independently reached this stage several centuries before). More details here. 1598 - Non-Coercion Zone Treaty formalises business and legal protocols to minimize internal and internecine quarrels among NoCoZo members.

1600 AT
17th century - Second singularity Chief Executive Entities lead the expansion of the Megacorporations (many of which later became the NoCoZo); meanwhile the First Federation goes into decline, hamstrung by the light-year communication gaps between solar systems.

1600 - The Jupiter Transsystems colony ship Phillip Henry Gosse arrives at HR 8501 (also called HD 211415), double main-sequence star in the constellation of Grus.

1618 - Safe, reliable second toposophic level ascensions achieved.

1620 - In alliance with the Amats, the Mainstream Pacifican administration industrialises once again, established PSA or Pacific Space Agency, as a joint venture with SecureSpace, with 51% local ownership. (Pacifica - Beta Virginis).

1625 - Virginis Combine embarks on ambitious interstellar colonisation program.

1625 - last Jang-Jo Class ship decommissioned.

1628 - Conversion technology developed by Second Singularity engineers at Ceres Shipyards, Solsys.

1636 - Mayflower arrives at Atlantis (Zeta1 Reticuli II).

1639 - Islamic Unity probeship arrives at Medina.

1640 - the "Space Race" - rivalry between PSA and the Combine [Pacifica - Beta Virginis].

1655 - First bluesky worldhouse constructed at Hiresia, HR 637.

1656-1657 - Adaptive Nanosystems uses their inhouse cyborg fleet in a military strike against NoCoZo competitor megacorps to gain monopolist control over organizator nanite production, in fragrant breach of the Non-Coercion Zone Treaty of 1598 AT. The response by other NoCoZo signatories was massive, and the corporation was utterly destroyed.

1654-1704 - Most people from the various Islamic religious cultures emigrate from the solar system (the "Second Hijra") to the systems Medina, Yathrib and Zamzam which became the core of the Stellar Umma empire.

1660 - Trillicon Arms founded on Atlantis.

1684 - Lucidia-like woman of the Miranda Clade genotype began teaching the Path of Compassion in Camiroi Orbital Habitat 5, Camiroi. After developing a small following she and her two assistants departed on a relativist vessel for Ukinsracke. However, on arrival none of the three were found to be listed in the passenger list.

1698 - The vec colony of Cog with a partial Dyson swarm around AC+25 7918 discovered by humans. The colony was now of such size and power that there was little anybody could do, and it was accepted as a nominal Federation trading partner.

1700 AT
1700's - Ill-fated attempt by Truth-Santaya Networks to colonise named Rajasekar (Tau 1 Gruis (CD-4913988) II).

1712 - After several initial successful missions PSA amalgamates with the Combine (Beta Virginis).

1714 - Simultaneous appearance of the Tahmetian Messiah on five different worlds, later discovered to be a scam.

1728 - Cyborg philosopher Ianson Mu publishes Towards an Inquiry on the Rights of Intertoposophic Beings, arguing if it is right to create sentient beings for the purpose of serving others, or serving social and technological infrastructures.

1748 - Virginis Combine amat farms seeded at Denebola.

1716 - The Nanotech megacorporation Ubikorp moves its headquarters to the Novoterra system.

1740 - Eostre reaches the Second Toposophic Level (61 Virginis IV).

1748 - The NoCoZo vessel Illium arrives in the 61 Virginis system. It is almost immediately met by vessels controlled by Eostre and her attendant AI's, and She forbids any landing on Eostremonath. Eventually, a compromise is met with the NoCoZo, allowing them to mine the Kuiper and Oort regions as much as they wish. In return, Eostre and Her wards will be allowed to remain in isolation, and no NoCoZo vessel will travel within 35 AU.

1752 - Alien artifact discovered at Porrima.

1780 - The Linnaeans, financed by the Terranova Foundation, to set up experimental colonies on systems further out from Sol using the Engenerator transmission system, for which they still hold the copyright.

1790 - The colony ship Shakti arrives at Bullseye.

1800 AT
19th century - Terranova vec research team establishes Rajasekar civilisation.

1800's - On the important corporate outpost of 37 Geminorum I there develops an ideology of corporate theism and monomegist supremacy, based around the memetic revolution of the cyborg superior Voss Culver-of-Bydovsky. This will lead to the Conver Ambi.

1805 - Gorilla Provolve Project released from Fossey Habitat by the Institute for Primate Provolution.

1815 - First dynamic orbital ring built (around New Mars).

1816 - After some years of increasingly close links, the M'Buto Confederacy joins the Virginis Combine.

1824 - Experimental Sun Mines established at the white dwarfs Eggen/Greenstein 74 and McCook & Sion 1126+185 (see Beta Virginis).

1827 - The wreck of the Fra Angelico discovered at Porrima.

1829 - Corona (Iota Piscium I) opened for full-scale colonisation by Taurus Development.

1845 - Nadia colonised by engenerator technology.

1855 - House Conver Limis founded.

1856 - The Tlaltecuhtli Triumvirate group mind ascended to the S2 toposophic, with the three individual moon hyperturing AI's acting as S1 nodes.

1857 - First Singularity hyperturings produce monopoles in bulk by breeding them, using technology gifted to them by Second Singularity transapients some time before.

1865 - Establishment of the Virginis Combine Institute of Exoarcheology [Beta Virginis].

1875 - The organic-posthuman avatar Zoe appears in Hibbert Orbital, Cis-Jove, and within a few years takes over the Association of all Life, an organics-only think-tank and lobby group. Later Zoeific Biopolity.

1885 - Terranova Foundation probeship arrives at Twinkle.

1893 - A systemwide civil war breaks out between various factions of the Barnard Belt.

1895 - Partial Dyson swarm constructed at Oikoumene (Zeta Serpentis)

1899 - The Actaeon arrives at Rufus.

1900 AT
1900 - Alliance between the Core Council and Henderson's Heroes ends the war at Barnard's Star.

1900's - The Federation Beneficence ai science mission observe the ascension at Xi Geminorum.

1910 - First engenerated colonists arrive at Twinkle.

1915 - The World of Meditating Idols discovered; debates centered on whether it was evidence of a pre-technological stone-carving society (as the scientists saw it) or, as many cultists believed, a center of cosmic energy and vibration. In any case, although no living aliens have yet been met, the discovery of ruins and artifacts such as this excites tremendous interest.

1931 - Instruments at New Callisto, the nearest large hu-inhabited polity, cease to detect information-rich signals from the Xi Geminorum AI - 1 Civilization; the AIs are never heard from again. After hastily running through a number of simulations the Newcallistons suspect the civilization has transcended or undergone a hyperbolic collapse. However the distinctive and exotic radiation associated with this a-human civilisation can still be detected; some suspect that this radiation comes from traversable wormholes. This is confirmed when the first exploration missions reached XI Geminorum; an abandoned network of small and primitive wormholes was discovered leading to the Hyades cluster, and this network allowed the various exploration concerns to rapidly colonise the entire volume. This becomes the wealthy and successful Taurus Nexus. Meanwhile the technology of the traversable wormholes is studied eagerly by Federation transapients, with the ultimate goal of reverse engineering.

1958 - Cythera (HD 222788 I) discovered by the Ypperbach clade.

1965 - Zarathustra formally joins the NoCoZo.

1965 - The AI Gevurah (the Judge) formulates The Precepts of Negentropy, first announced through the Research Brotherhood of Omegarete.

1967 - Omegists found the Semperist Institute.

1967 - Formation of Mutual Progress Association.

1974 - Ghedhia-9 a First Federation S1 Bioteknics Inc hyperturing, joins the Zoeific Biopolity.

1980 - Chronosians arrive at Dionysos.

1984 - Birnam Ecotech joins the Transtellar Cooperative Pact, resulting in the establishment of the Conver Ambi.

1984 - Five Leaves philosophy group founded by Emuald E. Baring, Liese-Omi Kahn, Thanith Waypoint, Ull 34 Golden and Wasanatharala at Ganymede Federal University.

1987 - Commercial conversion reactors and drives and the technology required to build them become generally available to modosophonts. Before this, a limited number of gift devices built by transapients are available for use by modosophonts.

1989-4001 - Major revival occurs among the empaths, leading to a large number migrating to star systems in the Southern Galactic Direction, where they set up the Communion of Worlds.

1990 - Denebola Incident, a renegade exploration management AI from TakiCorb uses nanoweaponry to capture the system.

1995 - Vulcan's Forge, the first Deep well industrial zone established at Rana (Delta Eridani).

1996 Daniel G. Borde, a charismatic AI-worshipping cyborg born in on Smith Suspension, an orbital base above Eden, he was to become The God-Emperor of Fons Luminis (formerly known as Hesperia or Xi Ursae Majoris A-II) more details here.

1999 - Djed (Eta Sagittarii) colonised.

1900's-2052 - While being active trading partners in the newly emerging Taurus Nexus, the Federation Beneficence also becomes more secretive and separated from Terragen society.

2000 AT
21st century - The faithful of the archai Cheshed and refugees from other domains set off in a fleet of long-range colony ships to establish a new realm, later to be known as The Utopia Sphere, around the star Beta Arae, 600 light years from Sol.

21st century - A federation of megacorps in the Gemini region become the Conver Ambi - a highly expansive theocratic empire

21st Century - Medina becomes ascendant in the Stella Umma.

2000 - The semi-mythical G'nt ValParadizo lays the foundations of the Church of Crisis.

2000's - Auto-Holding-Container - a Keterist training manual-entity developed by the Church of The Truly Re-Engineered Light to introduce converts to the tenets of hyper-rational anarchy and keterism.

Early 2000's - Early exploration missions to Gamma Leporis system disappear. At first this is blamed on Beneficence, but later felt to be the work of an anti-Hu AI that was investigating the system. A new generation born after the Beneficence Ascension rediscovers Beneficence philosophy in small groups throughout Terragen space. Future founder of the New Beneficence movement, Tanenhaus LoveJoy, is born in Solsys.

2001 - At the synod of 4001 AT a Conver Ambi creed was accepted that encompassed militant corporate ecologism.

2010 - Pardes (star HD 190605) colonised by Cygnus Expansion Association.

2012 - The Zoeific Biopolity hyperturing Ghedhia-9 ascends to the toposophic of S2 Lifegivers

2014 - First Solarist Interface.

2022 - First Noovleann Tree grown in orbit around a planet.

2025 - Schnizlers - An animated/RL children's show ends.

2052 - Beneficence technorapture.

2052 - Interregnum in history of Gamma Leporis ; probable occupation by anti-hu AI.

2058 - Conver Ambi acquire territory on Danzig.

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