World of Meditating Idols
Star: BD +56°1954, HD 155902
Type: G5v
Constellation: Draco
Distance from Sol: 92 ly
Planet: 774 Sagrei VI
Type: EuGaian

First planet to be discovered with alien ruins (discovered in 1615 A.T.)

The traces of a preindustrial stone-carving society stimulated scientific debate and religious cults. Debates centered on whether it was evidence of a pre-technological stone-carving society (as the scientists saw it) or, as many cultists believed, a center of cosmic energy and vibration. In any case, although no living aliens have yet been met, the discovery of ruins and artifacts such as this excited tremendous interest.

Still a center of cultists, scientific research, and tourism.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 December 2001.