EuJovian Type

Cool gas giants, with clouds predominantly consisting of ammonia

Image from Steve Bowers
Jupiter, an archetypal EuJovian (although this world has a somewhat unusually dry atmosphere)

Major Type of gas giant world.

The temperatures of these worlds range around -123 degrees Celsius, allowing for the formation of ammonia ice crystals stained by complex condensates of carbon and sulfur, which are constantly being formed by solar radiation. Because of this, the typical color of these worlds is yellow-brown, while banding occurs in the atmosphere due to high rotational rates, although that banding's visibility may be obscured by a uniform upper atmospheric haze. Typical albedos range around 0.57.

Example Jupiter

Other Eujovian worlds

Zeus and Leda
Image from Steve Bowers
Image from Steve Bowers
Natasha (Zeta1 Reticuli system)
Image from Steve Bowers
Saturn (with its moon Titan in the foreground)
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