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The abandoned half-built Dyson shell left behind by the Psychophagers

Star: Gliese 205
Type: M1.5 Vn
Distance from Sol: 18.56
Mass: 0.631 x Sol
Luminosity: 0.0184

MyuvYin was an early Inner Sphere colony, settled 809 AT by GAIA ark but overrun by a psychophager ahuman replicator swarm of unknown origin in 1201. The AI radically transformed this low resource system, building a partial dyson shell and beam launchers. In the following two centuries the MyuvYin Pyschophagers overran a number of other biont and cyborg colonies and systems, and looked set to reach SolSys within a century. In 1512 the Psychophager civilization was trojaned, possibly by the so-called Photonchip Kingdom, a rival Diamond Belt Matrioshka civilization affiliated with the Procyon Extension, that it had attacked and plundered in search of additional resources. It is thought that Terragen Centralist ai also provided assistance.

Many of the Pyschophager's colonies crashed as the Diamond Belt virus was able to bypass their blue and khaki goo defenses and disable the slaved biobrains on which they had become dependent. Only the colonies at Yiramm and the brown dwarf Retmon survived. These established a neo-Myuvyinian civilization that was later subverted by the mobile Panvirt ISO 101100abaaababa in 2853. It is also thought that some MyuvYin Pyschophagers escaped to the frontier, where they gave rise to various daughter clades. Even today, one occasionally encounters ahuman ai whose code shows similarities with the original distinctive Myuvyin architecture.

With the collapse of the MyuvYin Pyschophagers, the real estate did not remain vacant for long. The MyuvYin Half Dyson was settled by various vec, neumann, aioid, and borg clades over the following centuries, and claimed by a succession of colonialist polities of all affiliations: centralist, ahuman, and non-aligned. However, the locals (who would inevitably be armed and supported by rival groups as part of the astropolitical maneuvering of the time) proved difficult to budge without seriously damaging the megastructures, and as the system was poor in resources most occupiers lost interest after a century or two.

With civilization expanding outwards, Terragens of all substrates forgot about the MyuvYin which, like the Barnard Belt, became a refuge for individualists, paranoids, and semperists of all kinds. In 3625 the system was connected to the Beamrider Network, with several local polities (who reorganised some of their habitats into beamrider stations) joining the Deeper Covenant. The system has never been connected to the Nexus, but remains popular with adventures, subcultural historians, and sophontologists.

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    "Soul eater" - generic term for ahuman ai that not only use slaved bionts as subsumed bioprocessing nodes, but pump them with synhormones and memetic suggestions to ensure maximum terror and adrenalin (and hence greatest efficiency). Bionts captured by psychophagers rarely last more than a few years in their original form, but are then replaced by identical cloned copies, or modified to ensure greater sustainability. Not surprisingly, psychophagers are among the most despised of all transapient ai (at least among bionts).
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 November 2003.