Focal Point

Focal Point
Image from Steve Bowers
The restricted world Focal Point lies at the edge of the brilliant cluster M39

Star - BD+47 3440
Location -this star is on the edge of the M39 cluster, NGC 7092, which is the main centre of the Archaipelago plexus.
Distance from Sol -1048 ly
Type F5V
Planet - Focal Point- early Eogaian, terraformed to Eugaian then deterraformed
Colonised 6400
Depopulated 7400

The only planet ever to be terraformed and colonized in the Archaipelago. Various races were created by the demiurge godling formerly known as The Looking Glass, a being of unknown origin (believed by some to be an ascended form of the lost entity Quizical, or of Haliki Movarion, or both)

The destruction of this colony during the so-called Abaddon Catastrophe raised new fears and concerns regarding viruses, blights, perversities and other ailments that could affect the higher toposophics. It was seen as a direct precursor to the Archaipelago Attacks of one thousand years later.

The planet Focal Point remains an unpopulated wasteland, and the Archosaurian Entity has declared it to be a restricted planet.

Fiction relating to Focal Point

Under the Looking Glass

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Text by Steve Bowers and Darren Ryding
Initially published on 23 June 2003.