Restriction Swarm
Kemmerer restriction swarm
Image from Steve Bowers
The Kemmerer Restriction Swarm protects the unique sophont ecology found on that planet from the rest of the Galaxy, and vice versa

A swarm of space-borne devices designed to warn intruders away from a restricted planet or megastructure, or to enclose such a world in order to prevent the inhabitants from leaving. Restriction swarms are usually armed, often with optical phased array lasers or more advanced, high energy weapons. Swarms established by transapients or archai may include metric technology or other godtech defences.

Often used by the Caretaker Gods and other factions to protect reservations or particularly dangerous locations.

Modosophont polities sometimes build their own restriction swarms, generally involving high-tech or ultratech devices; such swarms can be remarkably effective in certain circumstances, and should not be approached except under extreme caution.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Additional material b y Steve Bowers
Initially published on 22 December 2001.