Gegton X
Gegton X
Image from Rhea47
Gegton X. This world was a lifeless, Paludial Gaian world before it was terraformed, and is now one of the most Earthlike worlds among the Negentropy core systems

Gegton X - Data Panel

StarHD 146059
Type G5 V
Luminosity 11 x Sol
Distance from Sol 231 ly
Constellation Norma
WorldGegton X
Diameter 12010km
Type Paludial subtype
Ocean cover 32%
Colonised 2512 AT
Image from Anders Sandberg
31021331001, a priest of Gegton X
Theocratic bureaucracy, one of the Five Capitals of the Negentropy Alliance.
The other capitals are Greylag, Daffy, Ken Ferjik and the Seat of Judgement.

Negentropy data image
Image from Anders Sandberg
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