Self-styled 'capital' of the Disarchy

Double star system
The planet Gillbank orbits both stars in this system; they are always close together in the sky, and sometimes overlap, eclipsing one another
Stars YTS 7787780-99-23A+B Close Binary
Type FV4/GV5
Combined luminosity 6.01 x Sol
Separation of A+B 0.33 AU
Distance from Sol 2520ly
Planet Gillbank
Type Lacustric Gaian Terrestrial
Colonised 6210
Planet Annual Period 2.9 standard years
Semimajor Axis 2.44 AU

Crucis Corridor Negentropist world subverted by the Neutral Way, declared itself the Disarchy Alliance in 6304, led by the Postscripts of Randomness, as a deliberate parody of Negentropism.

The Disarchy has since become a major empire in its own right in the Crucis Corridor direction, despite having no single ruling archailect. Gillbank remains its formal capital world, although in the current era several systems (such as Evermore and Wolfra) are more economically powerful.
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev and Steve Bowers
Initially published on 31 October 2001.