Transapient Explorer of the Eldest Grove Virtual worlds. Transapient sources from the Zoeific Biopolity caretaker gods say that the entity known as Ayansowi rose to prominence from mysterious origins in 4500AT and began to consolidate followers for a virtual ecology supremacist movement over the next few centuries. These apparently failed and Ayansowi escaped- disappearing for centuries into the newly forming cybercosms of the Eldest Grove Virtual worlds- a series of decentralized cybercosms running on hider-built biogeocomputing substrates.
E emerged as an S2 in 7602AT, having explored the toposophic spaces extensively, and (after re-earning the trust of the sephirotics) helped the Zoerific Biopolity colonize and provolve alifes in many of the Grove cybercosms for several more centuries. Billions of virtuals remain indebted to eir efforts.

Ayansowi continued serving as an avatar, diplomat, and founder of several institutes for the biopolity until 8007 AT, when e disappeared mysteriously once again- likely to explore more of the hider-built virtual worlds in the outer volumes.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 29 October 2001.