Hochent, Recor

Empath philosopher and religious engineer (6844-7101-8309-) from Heartland Mumris Band.

Hochent was a key member of the conreligion networks of Regernar, gathering the current threads into a long series of essays, concordances and polymedias (the Tanusiad). E was deeply involved in the development of mykultura philosophy during the relative isolation of the Version War, and became the movement's spokesbeing to the rest of Communion and the ComEmp. After ascending, Hochent continued eir religious studies across the Wormhole Nexus, comparing long-range religious trends and eschatological models. In 8309 the Hochent persona underwent voluntary stasis in the Regernar Oort Vault; reactivation criteria are unknown.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 04 November 2001.