A Post-To'u'lh scholar and politician, Ho'th'hss'lho grew up on Thu'to'lhu'hu (Vanguin I) in the 7400's, acting as a research art administrator. In 7489 e uploaded to one of the Laugan-To'u'lh datanodes in Vanguin orbit. Over the next 40 years Ho'th'hss'lho branched into several copies, interlinking them with unityware to form a clan intellect. The emerging intelligence began an intense academic career, publishing major works in structics and polmusic that gave e a wide renown in the MPA.

Over the next 300 years Ho'th'hss'lho developed into what has been described as the To'u'lh Leonardo da Vinci, not only researching but also acting as a diplomat, politician in the IC6633 regional council as well as inter-clade author. E was instrumental in establishing Keter-To'u'lh cooperation and the Serpens restoration effort. E acquired a large following of students and associates, which later came to be known as the Ho'th'hss'to'luh school and remains influential in IC6633 politics to this day.

In 7840 e moved together with many of eir closest associates to the Morogai/Ho'th'lhu'ooht system where e underwent ascendence to second singularity level, and may have ascended further since that time. The computronium conglomerate housing the post-To'u'lh association has become known as Ho'th'hss'lho University, an important nexus of post-To'u'lh and posthuman education in the middle region MPA. In what form Ho'th'hss'lho exists at present remains indeterminate, although spokesentities of the University assure that e is a resting enigma.

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    Located on Morogai (also called Ho'th'lhu'ooht), Ho'th'hss'lho University is an important nexus of post-To'u'l and posthuman education. It is based around the Power Ho'th'hss'lho.
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Initially published on 07 March 2001.