New Taylor

New Taylor
Image from Steve Bowers
The copy of Interplanetary Age Paris on the surface of Nosew Ratamas

Star: Gliese 302 (HD 69830)
Type: G7.5 V
Luminosity: 0.557 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 41.04 ly
Planets: b Hot superterrestrial world
c Warm superterrestrial world
d Temperate microjovian world
Nosew Rotamas is a Mars-sized Arean moon of HD 69830 d

One of the three modosophont-level Capital worlds of the Sophic League; the other two being Ararat and Sacred Heart.

Though the least populated of the three capital systems, New Taylor is by far the oldest, being where the Mutual Aggression Deterrence Accord was signed to form the Sophic League in 2314. There are no terraformed worlds in the system, and the main population clusters are located in the biodomes and underground cities of Nosew Rotamas, a large desert moon of Gliese 302d. The system has a stagnant, if not officially declining, population (500 million at last count), but the population of Nosew Ratamas is slowly increasing. The biodomes on Nosew Ratamas are about 15-20 kilometers across, and many feature recreations of Tycho City, New York City, Tokyo, Paris, and others.

Other centres of population are the numerous asteroid settlements in the local belt, and the large habitats in orbit around each world.

The main revenue of both Nosew Ratamas and New Taylor is tourism and the pilgrimages of devout Reformulationists seeking enlightenment.

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Text by D. David Barbeau
Initially published on 04 March 2001.