Satyaloka (Nu Puppis)

Nu Puppis
Image from Steve Bowers
Nu Puppis before modification

Satyaloka - Data Panel

Star:Nu Puppis
Stellar Type:B8
Luminosity:1340 x Sol
Distance from Sol:371 ly
Affiliation:Sophic League Toposophic Capital

Brilliant, rapidly spinning B type star in the Sophic League. In the Age of Establishment it became the main node for the Blessed One.

The system has been heavily re-engineered and starlifted, with some of the lifted material converted into a large number of Matrioshka Micronodes. Many of these nodes contain a innumerable interconnected virtual universes and heavens.

The rest of the lifted material has been used for wormhole construction and the construction of other infrastructure, including godtech for export.

A series of wormhole links connect the system to other high-toposophic node worlds in the Sophic League. In contrast to the three "traditional" Sophic capitals of Ararat, New Taylor, and Sacred Heart, Satyaloka is off-limits to ordinary sophonts and low transapients, but sometimes even a simple baseline will be blessed by being allowed to visit, if they have shown themselves to be of sufficient purity and spiritual innocence.

[see also The Three and the One, and The Transcension of Andapuyaran]

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 December 2001.

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