2600 to 3200 AT: Age of Establishment

Establishment Age
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Colonised space forms a bubble more than a thousand light years across, roughly centered on Sol. The young archai work to expand their nascent wormhole nexi beyond the major trade routes. The ordinary sapients, the humans and their equals, diverge and speciate more and more. The Solar System is no longer the economic and industrial superpower it was; it has become a backwater of historical and tourist value only.

The transapients and archai are now consolidated and well entrenched in the Terragen collective imagination as god-like beings. Archai-based worship has, for the most part, supplanted the vestiges of old Earth faiths. The Archailects are seemingly omniscient and omnipresent within their realm, able to contact any of their followers at any time. On Archailect-governed and even on hyperturing-governed worlds de-facto theocracies are the norm.

The emerging Gods begin dividing up known space into astrographical zones of thought, each determined by a particular archetype. These are the Sephirotics. The geography of space is altered forever. In this climate of uncertainty, numerous first, second, third, and higher singularity hyperturings ascend and transcend, filling the universe with their enigmatic relics and enabling numerous local empires to briefly flower and flourish on the resources they have left behind, but as the centuries pass local empires ally themselves with the archai gods, and the Civilized Galaxy takes on a form that will persist into the Current Era.

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The Age of Expansion

2600 AT
2600's - With the advent of the poly-state organonano processor and a broad-based highly inclusive software base state, the Freedom of Computing issue is dropped.

2603 - Automated probe reaches Deucalion and colonisation by the engenerator system begins.

2622 - Vega S4 archai produce the first macroscale, high efficiency, traversable wormhole.

2625 - Hayward class wormholes created and stabilised at Vega for use in communication and data processing.

2630 - The Vega-based physics business being Geodesic Contelligence discovers that Visser decay can be ameliorated using certain balancing strategies, thus making wormhole towing and production more economical.

2640 - Discovery of the first extensive botworld descended from bubblehabs; the founding population was a sentient-grade neumann-capable model that had been sent to what was then the Periphery by early Federation Age colonists who chose another target and did not arrive. Many other botworlds have arisen since as a result of unsupervised bubblehab reproduction. Some can be 'tamed' and others cannot. This has led to some strict laws regarding bubblehab design and supervision in most parts of the Civilized Galaxy.

2642 - A large number of human-habitable worlds are discovered in the vicinity of Ararat (today called the "Garden of Paradise Cluster").

2680 - The Church of The Truly Re-Engineered Light disbands.

2680 - The Einstein Gate between Tau Ceti and Sol connects the Old Solar system to the Wormhole Nexus.

2690 - Remnants of the Eridanus League join the

2694 - Weylforge system of wormhole construction developed in the Vega dust ring.

2700 AT
2700's - A movement develop among Qjellto aphasics, teaching that the Babel plague that the virus is actually a sacrament returning mankind to its pre-linguistic days. Most of the followers congregate on the Hrek peninsula.

2700s - The AI Gods Heavenly Reach and Lord of Rays oversee the expansion of the Nexus and the communication networks that use it, the Godweb and the Known Net; at this stage wormhole tugs are limited to 0.3c due to the mass involved.

2706 - Bullseye declared habitable.

2708 - First reactionless Displacement Drive ships developed at Fons Luminis, Xi Ursa Majoris.

2730 - Capuchin and Gelada Projects by the Institute for Primate Provolution.

2751 - Henson waterworld colonised.

2752 - The religious AI community on Kelarc synthesised a meta-philosophical tract - the Reformulation - that became the core of a major religious-philosophical revival throughout the Sophic League.

2758 - Mukerilis Bis joins the Sophic League.

2764 - Ruby Marine opens Stadener Habitat.

2778 - Kathelian Confederacy, MPA polity, founded by a group of wormhole engineering AIs.

2781 - The red dwarf YTS 0190 563 01 or Hokon's Third Purchase (property of Hokon 21453), approximately 90 LY from Sol, has a number of planets, which have been converted into a number of bishop ring clusters and associated orbitals, and a single 150 meter wormhole gate.

2790 - Gordelpus (MPA) colonized by the Kathelian Confederacy.

2792 - The Spacefarer Union declares that it has authorized all its members to take whatever action necessary to convert League members to the Union.

2795 - The generation ship Endurance fails to decelerate at Chiri, and sails on into interstellar space.

2798 - Wormhole links to Novoterra cut off.

2800 AT
2800's - Gordelpus a center of wormhole construction, magmatter manufacture and experiments in space-time engineering under the Kathelian engineer-gods.

2800-2840 - Steelerism developed by the Fellowship of Sures.

2805 - Harmonic-Resonance double planet (Sophic League Middle Regions) terraformed by Edenese superiors.

2805 - The Solarian scout probe Opening the Endless Light 5 arrives in the Ghane III system, ending the locals' long isolation and allowing Solarist missionaries and relief organisations to help the Hyl Op.

2815 - The Diogenes, the first MPA Museum Ship, is observed in Nuihab orbit, Phoebus Sector, MPA space.

2818 - After two and a half decades of war, the main governing bodies of the Spacefarer League and the Union - the War Council and the Union Secretariat respectively - as well as representatives from NoCoZo and the Alliance and of course, Valderon's neogen avatar meet for the Unification Summit on a luxury cruiser, the Unity, custom built for the purpose.

2820 - Valderon gave up his command of all but ten ships, and from then on never again plays a major part in Spacefarer Union history.

2834 - The AI cluster Increment Known of Arbiter B-IIX of the Keter dominion forms the Alignment Movement.

2853 - Neo-Myuvyinian civilization subverted by the mobile Panvirt ISO 101100abaaababa.

2801 - Zyneduhuk-22 proposes the (fallacious) Ynity Gate theory of wormhole projection

2870 - Institute for Primate Provolution terraforms Fortitude.

2889 - The original Starlark decommissioned at Argelander.

2896 - Qjellto aphasics on the Hrek peninsula become an Utopia Sphere enclave run by the ai god Nameless One.

2900 AT
2908 - The Riam 5 colony is destroyed by an impact; apparently a natural disaster rather than a kinetic attack.

2956 - Conclave of Taz gives rise to an NoCoZo-Sophic League Intellectual Alliance.

2958 - The Specialist, quasi-mythical individual (or group of individuals?), wandering the Wormhole Nexus and nearby worlds largely incognito getting involved in local issues of great potential relevance, first sighted.

2969 - The story of Bealmoch created by Julienne Minds in as edutainment for young vec-biont collectives.

late 2900's - Coulomb Luthra, a S:1 researcher working on the world of Tibrogargen in the Zoeific Biopolity decides to recreate the purely biological branch of the Putorian race.

3000 AT
31st Century - Copy War begins between numerous copies of Erikk Holsta.

c.3000 - Biological Trans-Temporal Information Storage project founded.

3007 - Ira Jahn-Michael's famed Djangalla speech becomes the basis of the Djangalla Reformism.

3010 - Perdix founded by House Genen mission.

3012 - With the assistance of various others who e involved in the project, Coulomb Luthra, succeeds in restoring a new race of Putorians on Tibrogargen.

3013 - Abandoned Fragan Sphere empire discovered by Solarian explorers in the third Yu Expansion Initiative.

3039 - The Compact of Eden is announced by the representatives of the Sephirotic AI gods, where the Caretaker Gods allows ships to pass through its domain and even land on planets as long as they followed a number of non-interference rules.

3039 - Eostre joins into the Compact of Eden. Being a Caretaker God, she has come to understand the fragility of her world's existence in a Galaxy of expanding Humanity and derivatives, and alone she could not long hope to withstand against the forces of migration. But with the Compact behind her, she suddenly finds herself with the support of other Caretakers, as well as the respect and caution of other polities. However, the Compact does little in terms of curiosity, and only a few social and evolutionary scientists pay her world a visit over the next few centuries. The single most impacting result of this Compact, however, is the acknowledgement by the NoCoZo that 61 Virginis is not their property. Nevertheless, she continues to allow NoCoZo activity in the outer system, even to the point of letting them mine the outer Jovian worlds' moons. [61 Virginis]

3039 - The New Beneficence participates in the negotiations of the Compact of Eden.

3052 - Under the Primus Hanuman a master plan is created, to create a sentient clade for each baseline Old Earth species in the Institute for Primate Provolution's ancient cache.

3084 - The infamous Dergderph Incident, the Keterist Upload Board reverses its prior decision to allow personnel to assist madverts to transcend.

3100 AT
32nd Century - Colonization of the Danyello M'lund Cluster by a coalition of trading cartels, outer volume terraformer guilds, refugee management associations and holoterbics.

32nd Century - Djangalla Reformism widespread but of only local significance

32nd Century - Migration begins of Keterist tweaks in the the atmosphere of the gas giant Garell (70 Ophiuchi II-1 system).

3155 - Labeyrie colonised.

3157 - Hip 99265, Newhope system abandoned.

3187 - Yet another huge interstellar hypereconomic recession occurs.

3189 - Meerlinda colonised by the Shiftwranger clade of tweaks.

3190 Truth-Santaya Networks long-range probe reaches Silenus.

3190 - Ayodele Xiang-Smith's sly and disturbing neo-Calypsonian tone poem and monologue Provisional Flesh, composed and performed in Old Earth Yoruba during the Second Neo-African Renaissance on Ikere. It has been widely translated and imitated since (see Sarcophobia).

3194 - Oikoumene Dyson joins the Nexus.

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Age of Consolidation

  • Atenism - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Atenism or atonism is an Emergence and Establishment Age minor religion based on neo-Egyptian and cyberhermetic interpretation of high toposophic AIs, especially the transapient cluster that was to become the Lord of Rays. Atenists were the first to colonize Xi Ursae Majoris, which was later named Fons Luminis after the Bordean revolution.
  • Colbalt, Robby  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Robby 'Rom' Colbalt was a late Establishment age cyborg utopian (b. 2821, New Tycho, Terragen Federation) who, concerned at the degree of SI:<1 reliance of ai, wished to create a society free of hyperturing supervision, where all sentients would be considered free and independent regardless of clade, species or toposophic.
  • Djangalla Reformism  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    A simplicity-and-independence movement that arose in the 2900-3300 period in counteraction to the Empires. Djangallists claimed the growth of the empires and transformation of megacorps into hereditary houses was leading to stagnation and repression.
  • Kibfrey and Gorg  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Famous Late Interstellar Era lovers whose planned formal union was disrupted through neural sabotage in 3132 AT. Their personal tragedy was famously re-told by the great Metasoft poet and propagandist Enrastered Link Connection. It is widely believed that their failure to marry contributed to the First Consolidation War 130 years later, as it might otherwise have brought together the inner and outer regions of the Taurus Nexus.
  • Second Federation, The   - Text by MacGregor
    Former Solsys based polity and First Federation successor state
  • Ynity Gate Project  - Text by Steve Bowers
    Failed project to transmit wormholes across interstellar space
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